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Crusaders of the Lost Idols

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Mar. 03, 2016

Rating: 2

why cant magnify magnify magnify?

Developer response from Codename_Enter

That's a bit OP. ;)

Moto x3m

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May. 15, 2015

Rating: 2

brilliant level design! extremely entertaining, a little short, still 5/5

Developer response from flashrushgames


AdVenture Capitalist

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May. 11, 2015

Rating: -6

what is the factor for gaining angels? it is dependend on income or total money or what else?

Free Fred

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Feb. 11, 2014

Rating: -2

last boss was a little disappointing (too easy)

Bazzy worm

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Oct. 11, 2013

Rating: 9

does not show text, crashes as soon as the green bar reaches the right. whatever that means

Gulf Defence

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Mar. 13, 2013

Rating: 0

i like this game, the balance in difficulty and length is perfect. i didnt get bored and is was never too easy or too hard. some points that bothered me: 1) aming wasnt perfect, especially with the shoe on close range 2) i think enemies should have a higher chance of dropping ammunition when killed by shoes 3) first special weapon: stinking socks, second special: nuke. well..... :) 4) the shoe upgrade wasnt very good in my opinion, 3 shoes instead of one made it even more difficult to aim. how about changing from sandald on level 1 to heavy boots on level 3, but always only one shoe. --- good game! 4/5


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Feb. 17, 2013

Rating: 2

i dont know if its problem for everyone else, but the game just crashed when i was pressing 1 2 and 3 one after another while getting a level up

Band Of Heroes

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Feb. 14, 2013

Rating: 0

most upgrade games have a point where i think its getting too slow or its just the same and i have to collect money by playing old levels, but in this game the speed and amount of upgrades is just perfect. also, the idea of having 5 different charakters is very good. one point of criticism: i think the dark cleric is overpowered as team leader. with enough upgrades the super power bar filles so fast that your team is almost invulnerable

Chu Rescue

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Nov. 29, 2012

Rating: 9

i don't really get the concept. why does the water need to rise? why is the guy frozen? does it even matter that he is?

Earn to Die 2012

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Nov. 22, 2012

Rating: -1

even better than the first part. much better level design! and i like these zombies in white shirts, following you, but do they have any effect? 5/5!

Storm the House 2

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Nov. 07, 2012

Rating: 1

Tip: you need exaclty 840 bullets to fire the minigun for one day. no need to reload anymore. also, you have a timer for how long the day will last

Dream of Pixels PROTOTYPE

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Nov. 07, 2012

Rating: 4

nice concept. after 30 seconds of confusion its a fun and innovative game. there might be some problems with the game not recongising every possible move, sometimes i wasnt allowed to click a part which i thought should be valid

Developer response from zigah111

Thanks! Yea, we fixed a lot of that recognising in the final Dream of Pixels, added support for T-spins, L-spins, wall-kicks and such. This prototype, though, supports just the basic rules, so some times it may seem a bit rigid on which tetromino it allows or not. I'd love to get some screenshots from you (or anyone!), if you care to, about what you're expecting to be allowed! Thanks!

Hordes and Lords

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Nov. 05, 2012

Rating: 1

it was a very fun and short game to play, but here are some of my thoughts: - the game is not really that strategic, i never had problems to win that had to be solved by strategic thinking, everything can be solved by upgrading - also, the maps are too small and it was hard to keep a clear line of fighting, because the squads just dissolved - archers shooting while walking? really? - the levels were pretty similar to each other: i have a huge battle and "suddenly" (or just after i killed every other enemy) some enemies spawn right behind me, not very suprinsing after three battles of that kind so my suggestions are: - keep the squads more static - get the maps a little bigger - add some more creative ideas for the battles but nevertheless (i only mentioned criticism, sorry :) ) a good game, i give you 4,5/5 and you have a great sense of humor

SAS Zombie Assault TD

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Sep. 26, 2012

Rating: 1

well..... no.

Zombie Rumble

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Aug. 18, 2012

Rating: 20

this game is bad and you should feel bad

Nuclear Plant

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Aug. 15, 2012

Rating: -2

i am missing attack animation and more background music. nice game overall

Zombie Situation

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Jul. 08, 2012

Rating: 2

nice game, very straight forward, very simple, good artwork, nice humor. a bit too short and lacks complexity, but i think it has to be that way

Last Robot 2

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Feb. 24, 2012

Rating: 0

Usually i really dont like these games with the platform jumping thing, but this one is the first i really enjoyed. Good upgrades! (not too exprensive, not too overpowered, not too complicated) perfect game to waste a few minutes. Thank you for creating

Piggy Wiggy

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Oct. 27, 2011

Rating: -3

innovative, good animated, entertaining: well done

You Are A Box

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Oct. 11, 2011

Rating: 135

"you are a box" first reaction: wat