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Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Sep. 12, 2012
l337 supa h4x0r5
Play Lucky Tower Lucky Tower Sep. 08, 2012
Thumbs up if you noticed Mao's Red Book in the Sexy Library!!
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red May. 01, 2012
The quest for the chocolate muffin. Instant 5/5
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 11, 2012
Typo: When you hit your boss to his house, and the paper comes up, the date is misspelled. It's Ednesday, Anuary 11, 2012. It should be: Wednesday, January 11, 2012.
Play LARRY and the GNOMES LARRY and the GNOMES Jan. 02, 2012
Press + if you like this game!
Play Where is 2012? Where is 2012? Jan. 02, 2012
Guys on the final tree. Go to the top. When you reach the acorn press down! Press + if you like this game. And to keep this comment alive.
Play Harry Quantum: TV Go Home Harry Quantum: TV Go Home Dec. 31, 2011
Oh! VR 9,000! That's clever. Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level? It's over 9,000!
Play The Feel Good Game The Feel Good Game Dec. 26, 2011
hahahhahaha! My 1/5 rating decreased it's rating. Suck it shitty game!
Play Monster Bark Monster Bark Dec. 26, 2011
It's a great game, but could have thought of a less unoriginal dog name. I mean Bark? COme one. Spot would have been better.
Play The Game Where You Earn So Many Points in Just 10 Steps! The Game Where You Earn So Many Points in Just 10 Steps! Dec. 25, 2011
GUYS, in vase you're too lazy to follow the link here's the cheat code (for 50 trillion points on step 10): 89-11-26-97-45
Play Interactive Bob 2 Interactive Bob 2 Dec. 25, 2011
CoD is stupid. HALO FTW!
Play Legend of the Void Legend of the Void Dec. 25, 2011
A good game, but clould you make it so that we could sort inventory by equipped and unequipped items? Just for the shop?
Play Dino Run Dino Run Dec. 11, 2011
The last level is too damn hard.
Play The Fancy Pants Adventures The Fancy Pants Adventures Dec. 04, 2011
Thumps up if this is the worst game on Kongregate.
Play The Hero The Hero Nov. 02, 2011
FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH
Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Nov. 01, 2011
D: None of the buttons work. (I'm using Firefox) :(
Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Nov. 01, 2011
Spartans!! Capture the access point to bring down those barriers!
Play Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Aug. 11, 2011
I really wish you could delete your character, but other than that, it's a good game.
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Aug. 11, 2011
Play Viricide Viricide Aug. 09, 2011
5/5 'nuff said