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Enough Plumbers

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Mar. 25, 2016

Rating: 0

Got the 1st badge in 2010 and the last one today. Better late than never ;)

Destination Kepler

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Dec. 23, 2015

Rating: 0

Well, it's not adblock. I can't see the videos... so can't get the rewards. No money means no game 1/5 ciao.

Destination Kepler

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Dec. 23, 2015

Rating: 0

AdBlock (I guess) prevent me from getting the reward from the videos.


Play Coloruid

Dec. 08, 2015

Rating: -1

I played the game a couple days ago but now it won't work anymore... After the sponsor logo/animation, I get the colored background but no sound nor boutons... nothing. Refreshed the page a couple time, the browser and even my pc: nope!


Play Sequence

Nov. 28, 2015

Rating: 193

The only thing I "hate" is the fact that we can't swap tiles. We are forced to put them back up.

Idle Sword

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Nov. 10, 2015

Rating: -1

The "More Games" button is annoying -_- I opened the page like 6 times

Spongebob Traffic Chaos

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Nov. 04, 2015

Rating: 0

The fact that you can lose because a car is rear ended before it even completely enter the screen is dumb....

Swords and Souls

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Oct. 28, 2015

Rating: 0

Honey... I've lost the 12 kids. Yes, all of them. And no, I can't manage to find them. Sorry :/

Heroes of Glory

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Sep. 27, 2015

Rating: 2

An Horror, Prison, Idle, ButtonHunt game? Sweet! xD

Papa's Hot Doggeria

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Sep. 16, 2015

Rating: 3

Open Business; Serve 10 customers; Close Business until further notice.

Locked Garden Escape

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Aug. 19, 2015

Rating: 1

Good job

Idle Raiders

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May. 10, 2015

Rating: 0

All I see is black square fighting black square xD

Royal Squad

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Apr. 27, 2015

Rating: 0

6 snipers, 1 red mage, 1 black mage... that's how I beat nearly every levels and challenges... changed the black mage for a second red mage once in while that's it.

Strikeforce Kitty 2

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Jan. 24, 2015

Rating: 13

"Sorry, but the game requires a powerful computer." It's a flash game not GTA V.... I can run everything on Ultra at 60fps but this game lag and it's my PC's fault? Let me lol.

William the Conqueror

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Jan. 13, 2015

Rating: 3

I saved the princess and all I got was one lousy gold piece. At least, the princess wasn't in another castle ;)


Play RobotPet

Dec. 06, 2014

Rating: 1

A "next level" button would be nice. Instead of forcing me to return to base between every level... For both Infinity and normal stages. Thanks :)

Picma - Picture Enigmas

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Dec. 01, 2014

Rating: 668

A fullscreen mode. This game need a fullscreen mode. Otherwise, 50x50 level are a pain.

Developer response from MoonberryStudios

We understand a fullscreen mode would be great and we even implemented one, however, as a Flash game we can’t enable it on Kongregate (only iframe and Unity games can do that). The next best thing is the “Cinematic Mode”, the button above the game (top left). As an alternative you can play the version on our own website.

Roadkill Revenge

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Nov. 10, 2014

Rating: 4

So.... you're telling me a F16 is only worth $15,000 ? Why did I buy a car then?

Outside, there are 13 kids in spooky costumes

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Oct. 30, 2014

Rating: -6

Add option to stop the moving background. The game lag like hell here. If it wasn't an idle game it would be unplayable...

Idle Recruit

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Oct. 28, 2014

Rating: 0

By the time you reach 5000xp, the Reset with all upgrades is pretty much useless....