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Hi! I’m SecretCode. Here are some things you may or may not know about me:







Well, what were you expecting? You actually want to know stuff?

If you ever see me in chat, I’m probably going to play a chat game. What’s a chat game you ask? Well:

-Finish the sentence: A game where I provide a sentence with blanks, (i.e. Why would _________ do __________?), then whoever is playing has to fill in the blanks.

-Assorted Quizzes

Winners get a “Secret Code”, which they can use to do stuff. You’ll have to get one yourself to find out what they do.

I have a language! Here’s how to use it: Split the alphabet in half, then put A-M over N-Z. Now to start using the language. You’re going to turn a regular sentence like: “Hello, I’m SecretCode.” into “Uryyb, V’z FrpergPbqr.” This works because A=N, B=O, C=P etc. In other words, in a sentence I’d replace an A with an N, and a B with an O. Cool? Cool. If you speak to me in my language, I’ll definitely reply.

Other Stuff:

-If you have AC:NL (Animal Crossing: New Leaf), and would like to play with me, then go ahead and ask.

-My Steam account is “redspiral02”.

-Be a part of #LonerForLife or #LFL. Un-freind someone, then comment on their profile, #LonerForLife or#LFL. You don’t get anything though. :I

And remember kids, P.E.T.A. stands for: People Eating Tasty Animals.


“I’m part Chinese, but mostly Asian.” -Anonymous

Cool Facts: (In Progress)

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