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Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Aug. 05, 2014
Why everything needs heroes with stats those days? I miss times when tower defence games were about, you know, towers. 1/5 for whole "our mobile version is soooooo much better" shoved down my throat.
Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Aug. 02, 2014
Tinysasters 2? Awesome! Now all we need is Mission in space 2 (hint, hint).
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 16, 2014
To unlock new areas choose mission "attack from tower". When attacking from tower keep left mouse button pressed for constant fire.
Play online FPShooter test online FPShooter test Jul. 22, 2013
1/5, hope you enjoy your "reward" for constant, annoying spam in chat rooms with your countless alt accounts.
Play Toxers: Zero Watch Toxers: Zero Watch May. 21, 2013
4. It's fun game, but there is no replay value, so might as well show all endings earned. Intentionally failing missions just to get slightly different ones isn't particularly exciting either. 5. All in all pretty fun game with some intersting concepts. I don't know why, but I just love flipping cards to find out missions/fights/other stuff, board game style. Wish there were more games based around this concept. Combat gets waaaay too easy later (new game+ with harder difficulty maybe?), but there was time early (first orange area I think; the one where bugs with all LO except poison first appeared) where things were quite difficult and required thinking. I liked that. IMO game deserves 4/5, so rated 5/5 to increase current low rating. ;)
Developer response from monkeydoodledo

4. At first the consequences for failing some missions were going to be more complicated but I thought you should be able to have a go at the boss, get all collectables and reach the end every time so that it wasn't frustrating. If someone likes a game enough they'll play it again even if it's exactly the same. I know I do. 5. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Combat is easy later if you've diligently levelled up, bought perks and collected characters! By this point the player may be bored with strategic spraying and just want to OHKO stuff, finish it and go to sleep. My precursor to this game is on the way: Threewise, mentioned in the intro. It has the same search mechanics but a different battle system and other bits. I'm waiting for the mythical Stencyl 3 launch competition which is why I haven't released it yet. Thanks for your rating too :)

Play Toxers: Zero Watch Toxers: Zero Watch May. 21, 2013
1. Found everything but somehow first question mark in shop stayed there (2nd turned into "buy car" option). If this unlock is tied to defences found, then I found last defence and metropol during same day. 2. AP (re)generation could use some explanation in tutorial - bonus from first team (always start with full AP) combined with fact that using abilities sets AP at certain value instead of more traditional "costs some AP" approach made this particular mechanic little bit confusing at start. 3. Last gunner's roster says she hits all + KBK, but she only shoots one. Also heals gas bugs, which is strange since nothing even suggests that her dmg isn't considered regular ranged. This also makes her completely useless considering how late we can find her. 3. Bigger tanks + spray all takes same amount as hitting one = easy and boring mid and late game. Also it seems like most status inducing bugs are present only early game.
Developer response from monkeydoodledo

1. First question mark is a secret unlock which is not linked to defence squares or Metropols. It's hidden in plain sight. 2. OK 3. Oops, yes, that's supposed to say "target single"! She does do regular ranged damage. It's not her in particular that would heal gas bugs, it's a consequence of their DEF being much higher than your ATK, so the way the ranged damage is worked out it ends up negative and heals them. I should change it to read 'HP' really - it's because you used to be able to do a little bit of ranged damage but then I upped their DEF a lot. She's not useless, she has the best weapon in the game if you buy the secret unlock to upgrade her. 3. One should be enough but I left both in because removing one would have made the shop screen untidy. There are status inducing bugs in every area but if you equip certain characters/riot vehicle you'll be immune to their attacks and you won't notice them.

Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 May. 20, 2013
Dooty launcher from 1st spin. /)^3^(\
Play Sword & Magic Sword & Magic Apr. 29, 2013
So ability to see exact number of HP and choosing which type of potion you want to use, two things players have been asking for since day 1 make you quit? Good riddance.
Play King's Road King's Road Apr. 25, 2013
Game on Kong that I can't play with Kong account? No thank you/5
Play Sword & Magic Sword & Magic Apr. 02, 2013
This game definitely needs "sell everything not for your class" button. :P
Play Orbs CCG Orbs CCG Mar. 17, 2013
@troggking: do you even hide your hand bro?
Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 14, 2013
1/5 because game this simple has no right to lag that much. Great premise, but I can't reward yet another developer who's too lazy to write few lines of efficient code.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 12, 2013
Not sure if recent bug, but difficulty resets when refreshing page.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 07, 2013
Instant 5/5 + favourite before playing.
Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Mar. 04, 2013
Funny at the beginning, but grindy toward end. No point for special zombies, it's too easy to unlock final one at that point. Berserker zombies seem way to efficient compared to other. Good game, but not enough strategy for my taste. 4/5.
Play Battlemachy: Jade Bandit Battlemachy: Jade Bandit Mar. 03, 2013
Nintendo difficulty/5. Seemed like nice game, level 4 ruined it.
Play Requiem Requiem Feb. 28, 2013
Question to developers: what part of "Flash game portal' you don't get? Unity is bad enough, now I have to download some other fishy crap I've never heard about before? No. Go away/5
Play Morningstar Morningstar Feb. 22, 2013
Fridge logic: ship closed its wings once it left atmosphere. Why? They wouldn't make any difference in a vacuum...
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 22, 2013
Amount of pointless nudity and boobs is just unsufferable. Every time I see something like this in a game I wonder if dev is horny teenager or if it's simply target audience. Maybe both?
Play Put the Game in and Play Put the Game in and Play Feb. 21, 2013
Boss UMadBro from level Butthurt. That one. Aside from that, cool game. Would play again. But needs more dragons. Can't wait for sequel!!!!!111!!1!!one!!1!!!!eleven!!
Developer response from GamerGuy75

Their is no ƒucking boss or dragons!