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I love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I’d love to punch in the face.

Go away! I mean it….Why are you still here?

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” MLK Jr.
Buffet of Goodness Wiki
Quotes from The Buffet of Goodness
Danktolker: Taking career advice from Largo is like asking a homeless person to co-sign a loan
AceFenrir: I’m 4 inches bigger than my ex’s
AceFenrir: So you do the math
Danktolker: Stop smoking weed you sad little shit
Danktolker: Jesus loves you though
puc4444: I could kill a man with my chesticles.
SugarCoatedYum: i taste like ive been dipped in crap
SugarCoatedYum: and like serynity’s name
SugarCoatedYum: shes actually quite Manic
JCiesla: it’s supposed to be senility- she just forgot how to spell
Krysamu: i am a sexy—tight—vibrating teenage woman
Krysamu: I have plenty of everything to kill—but time is the only thing I will not be sent to a prison camp over
Donmakemecry: i use two fingers…
JCiesla: If you were a 300lb Russian man…
JCiesla: I’d be gay
JCiesla: Yes, it’s pointing upwardly

And now I believe I’ve seen it all in the BoG
ozwaldtehhuman: Also i have a fetish i’m mildly ashamed of
ozwaldtehhuman: Its one of the ones thats put in the Bizzare and or “Gross” catigorys
AceFenrir: You dig fat chicks, I can’t possibly imagine what you’re ashamed of, even if only mildly.
ozwaldtehhuman: Piss
ozwaldtehhuman: I like when chicks piss
AceFenrir: Not a fan.
ozwaldtehhuman: Yeah not everyone can handle it
Serynity: And not everyone wants to hear about it, either.
ozwaldtehhuman: But yeha one of the worst that involes that is I really like ti when girls piss themselfs
AceFenrir: It doesn’t gross me out to know of or even to see if I happen to ever see it for any reason, but it’s not of any interest…
ozwaldtehhuman: Ahh
ozwaldtehhuman: When i first found out it got me off i was really REALLY ashamed of it

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