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    The visible, gaseous part of the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.
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I once had the Longest Legitimate Profile on Kongregate. I decided to get rid of it since it was full of dumb trash and wasn’t entertaining in the slightest. So now I have this.
My avatar was once voted best avatar. True story.
Um… I.. made the first Mafia game on Kongregate? I don’t know, I’m really grasping here.
I’ve.. um… been on Kong since 2007?
My user ID is 43517, which, according to my totally not elitist graph, makes me a Awesome Epic Legendary Historic Member.
I make Tap Tap Revenge tracks! A hub for them can be found here, with a download link and such.
I run a Tumblr now!
I once ran a Kongregate blog called Kongrehumor. After that disaster, I eventually ended up running Kongiophobia V3 (simply named Kongiophobia), but now I don’t.
I was given the honor of introducing the new changes Kongregate’s integration with Gamestop brings!

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO RECENTLY?: I am working 3p1c!: I Am Smiley Guy. The third entry in the ep1c series. It’s much better than the two last games in the series. I’d have to say the coding is at par with Greg Is So Evil 3, and then there is some really complex stuff going on too, such as the preloader and developer commentary.

I might release the names and descriptions of some achievements to hype the game, but we’ll see.

After 10 long years, I give up and will now add a quote wall. This quote wall is composed of things people have said that I found to be so amusing that I repeat them in chat every day, much to the irritation of everyone around me.

Pre-Wall Quotes. Some quotes may be missing or in the wrong order.
===== THE CLASSICS =====
(MANY ALT ACCOUNTS OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME) Hey guys, I’m trying to get feedback on my latest YouTube video. Not asking for likes or subscribers. If anyone wants to check it out, the link is here.
(JAN 11 2017 – 12:45 AM EST) draco_s: I’m going to report this chat and get you all banned.
(JAN 22 2017 – 7:08PM EST) LuisH779: hola matador
(JAN 23 2017 – 10:06PM EST) TCherry7: me ripe

[THE SELF-QUOTE PERIOD, where I would just quote my own stuff (X-Files music playing at 120dB, hashtag wow, trash cans and windows exploding in a 50 mile radius, etc)]

(ON OR BEFORE APRIL 7TH) dreamnitedarling: bis morgen
(APR 13 2017 – 2:38 AM EST) gianjefferson5: Puppies are getting ready to pee
(ON OR BEFORE APRIL 27TH) [Name Lost 2]: why m computer sucks
(MAY 15 2017- 7:27PM EST) poloikuj678: but seriouly this game makes me feel like iam om wead
(MAY 16 2017- 12:39AM EST) IncogN4: Not before you finish your homework, little girl
(MAY 22 2017 – 3:31PM EST) Ica_gymnast: hola saint dora / Ica_gymnast: hola saint dora means hello sweethart
(MAY 23 2017 – 1:18AM EST) IncogN4: “Mom, why am I horny?” “Shut up, you stupid kid”
(JUN 21 2017 – 9:10PM MST) arnoc: Go to bed / Sleepingpill: Oh, ok / TCherry7: Hey Arnoc!

(MAY 20 2017 – 10:08PM EST) killa39: Stop being edgy / killa39: Oh wait that was serious / killa39: nvm
(MAY 22 2017 – 7:24PM EST) Smoijuto: mario kills sonic flash game
(MAY 22 2017 – 9:23PM EST) JaypeeP14: 100% Swag Finally
(JUN 15 2017 – 1:02AM MST) viegraffthered56: illuminati becky
(JUN 17 2017 – 12:08AM MST) 123iseeyou123: wow. look away and come back and we are pooping / 123iseeyou123: yay

finn0202 (Feb. 8, 2016) on The Last Door – Chapter 1: The Letter – “HO MI GOD THE GAME IS VERY HORROR
lian_palomino (Dec. 3, 2014) on The Last Door – Chapter 1: The Letter – “e un juegomalo”

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