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Play The Green Box The Green Box Nov. 14, 2009
Literally seconds after that post I got it, i'd clicked on the lamp a bunch of times before but only NOW does it break. Figured that might be it but nothing happened before.
Play The Green Box The Green Box Nov. 14, 2009
OK, got bored about lights out V2, got the first 3, but then can't get any further, which is weird since there's less lights.
Play Are You Hot Are You Hot Nov. 14, 2009
no offence, but crap
Play Ghost's revenge Ghost's revenge Aug. 16, 2009
Yeah, this one was difficult even with the hints, found taht I sometimes couldn;t spot the difference despite the hints helping, ended up clikcing randomly. Not usually that bad at this kinda game.
Play Ben 10 - Underworld Ben 10 - Underworld Aug. 01, 2009
Bog standard platformer, seen this formula alot of times, reminds me alot of another game i played but can't rememebr what, level design looks similar too.
Play Stick Man Shooter Stick Man Shooter Aug. 01, 2009
Needs ALOT of work to even make it basically playable. First off fix your buttons, cause they only work if you clikc a part that isn't text, which is annoying, secondly, at least put some effort in to this peice of garbage... Seriously.
Play MotoRisk MotoRisk Jul. 26, 2009
Difficult to see what is terain and what is background in alot of sections, otherwise competent
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Jul. 19, 2009
@ nyy693: I got over 100,000 feet up, and it took me almost 20 mins to get back down, actually left it alone and went away for a bit, came back and it was still falling. made about $26mil if i remember right.