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Play Evolutionator Evolutionator Aug. 13, 2013
I feel like the controls should be switched. Movement on wasd and shooting on arrow keys.
Play Icarus Needs Icarus Needs Jul. 12, 2013
That was just terrific, unique, and just fantastic.
Play Ode To Pixel Days Ode To Pixel Days Feb. 19, 2013
He made a machine that could change every single person's appearance... But can't make a machine to change only himself?
Play Flight Flight Dec. 29, 2012
Throwing backwards apparently is the same thing is subtracting the distance...
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 19, 2012
You'd think mass murder would give you a higher bounty...
Developer response from SoulGame

Hey ! There is no mercy for evil guards who kick little children. Plus, you have the crowd and the pretty Souly on your side, so ... I guess you do the right thing ;)

Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 16, 2012
I thought the black plates were made to confuse you... So I attempted to skip all of them. Then I died and realised they were checkpoints.
Play Portalizer Portalizer Jun. 23, 2012
Apparently I'm invisible.
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Jun. 15, 2012
I didn't see a single chicken wing here...
Play Wake Up the Box 4 Wake Up the Box 4 May. 26, 2012
I love the music in this one... Normally I mute music and use my own, but this one's so cheery. :D
Play Band RPG Band RPG May. 18, 2012
Meaning like a raise is 25 cents!
Play Band RPG Band RPG May. 18, 2012
You think $20 per hour is a lot... But there's four of you. So that's like $5 per hour...
Play Feed Us 3 Feed Us 3 May. 11, 2012
It isn't that bad... Sure the others were better.
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 10, 2012
Star Fox isn't one word......
Play I Wanna Win! I Wanna Win! May. 04, 2012
A true game to test one's desperation to win.
Play Pirateers Pirateers May. 02, 2012
... For the Navy so focused on killing pirates, they seem to only want to kill me.
Play noitcelfeR noitcelfeR Apr. 22, 2012
I have not died 15 times! I died way more than that!
Play Papa's Pancakeria Papa's Pancakeria Mar. 07, 2012
Now I know why my pancake takes so long...
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Feb. 23, 2012
Spending a over a billion gold on soldiers should be enough...
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Feb. 22, 2012
Saw duckie, played duckie, glued self to chair so no one can take me away from this.
Play SOPA/PIPA SOPA/PIPA Jan. 20, 2012
SOPA affects UK too.........