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Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 10, 2014
badge is easy
Play Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Jan. 30, 2014
Whats with all the races being locked on Kongregate... Seriously dev poor move
Play Bitzy Blitz Bitzy Blitz Jan. 28, 2014
the unicorn should poop rainbows that you can walk on... unicorn made sniper vantage point
Play Strand Strand Dec. 07, 2013
good concept too easy
Play Shore Siege! Shore Siege! Nov. 14, 2013
Play Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Nov. 12, 2013
this game is really bad whats the point in the classes they dont even make a real difference im just glad that leveling isnt too slow, at least you got 1 thing right dev
Play Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Nov. 11, 2013
Play Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Nov. 11, 2013
Play 10 10 Nov. 11, 2013
amazing game make a sequel
Developer response from iojoe

Thanks ShadowFlame!! A sequel is coming!

Play Epic war Epic war Nov. 11, 2013
whats wrong with the text is it fixable?
Play 10 More Bullets 10 More Bullets Nov. 10, 2013
its like shooting 100 birds with 1 bullet
Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Nov. 08, 2013
great smiple game. want more classes gates make it longer with more skills. others have said all that but yeah great game
Play Min Hero: Tower of Sages Min Hero: Tower of Sages Aug. 24, 2013
Fn Glitch stuck on a level and cant move its bulsh@@
Play Hands of War Hands of War Aug. 18, 2013
health and energy takes too long to replenish out of combat
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Jul. 27, 2013
seriously this is one of the worst money sucking games Ive played so far. even the upgrades cost gold and you don't receive any free gold for leveling or anything that Ive yet to come across. i don't see why anyone would continue to play after they get both badges. apart from the delays and gold sucking vampire-ism and screen size!! (why is it so big??) the game has potential but it's outweighed by the flaws.
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 19, 2013
talk about overkill you dont even leave the enemies corpses intact... wait what corpses..?
Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Incursion 2: The Artifact Jul. 02, 2013
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 Jun. 28, 2013
rudy ur losing it. whats with the new issues cant you fix em?? epic war 5 is really bad and you sold out with saga whats wrong these were awesome games but ur losing it. and ull end up losing your fans
Play Epic War 3 Epic War 3 Jun. 27, 2013
Beat all 5 cave of trial with Taurus goblin knight witch mermaid succubus, healing meteor arrows Hercules lighting bolt and phoenix only having my castle hit a maximum time of once.
Play Takeover Takeover Jun. 15, 2013
most awesome glitch enemy's undead archers built a building for me