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Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 12, 2014
Please swap the positions of purple and blue on the color wheel >.>
Play Kingdoms CCG Kingdoms CCG Aug. 15, 2012
A few small things I'd like to see: - A 'Do not show again' checkbox on the 'Need a little help?' message that comes up on losing a campaign battle. - When exiting the deckbuilder after having not saved, a 'save deck and leave' option along with the 'yes, leave without saving' and 'no, don't leave' options. A very nice game on the whole, though! I'm really enjoying it so far.
Play hack.slide hack.slide Jun. 25, 2012
Not sure why this game is so underplayed! It's a great little short - I really like these kinds of puzzles. Would love to see more levels and maybe some more varied obstacles, but still a 4/5 as it stands in my book!
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 24, 2012
Twice now I have encountered a strange bug in Asp mode where the seed of the fruit will spawn in a completely different location than the flesh. Not exactly problematic to gameplay (in fact it makes that fruit a bit easier to get at), but I thought you might like to know about it. I can't imagine how something like that could come about, but I promise I'm not making it up.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 23, 2012
Cheat code to turn Coral snake into regular snake: ctrl+alt+down arrow >:D
Play Reprisal Reprisal Jun. 19, 2012
What a wonderful terrain-levelling simulator
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 08, 2012
You know you're a five-star hotel when you serve 28 celebrities a day and none of them rate you below 4 stars.
Play La Baia Malvagia La Baia Malvagia Apr. 06, 2012
I'm liking the concept and controls so far, but the game's difficulty ramps up kind of quickly at the first level with a key. Preserving enough fuel to make it through the level is suddenly really tough where it wasn't before. Adding fuel pickups or the ability to recharge while not in the air would be a big help. Once you get all of that, maybe some simple physics puzzles, and an end to the story and I'll happily rate you a five!
Developer response from m3rlino

Thank you for your suggestions. We will consider them and we will try to evolve our game. We appreciated the idea of the fuel and we will try to implement it. About the end of the story it was intentionally left open, so that we could introduce a sequel.

Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Feb. 05, 2012
I'm really liking the new style, but I just fought the Pizza Man on 'In Love With Myself,' and noticed it didn't give me completion for the song. While I understand the boss battles and normal songs are supposed to be separate, it's kind of annoying to have to play a level twice to get completion achievements, especially in the low levels.
Developer response from sigames

In boss mode you can hit as many keys as you like and they don't count as mistakes, so perfecting in boss mode is way easier than when playing normally, so it's a little unfair to award those medals.

Play Manufactoria Manufactoria Aug. 25, 2011
There's a big ambiguity in the RC cars level that, if misinterpreted, causes the level to be unsolvable (I only stumbled across the correct solution while attempting to test how the newly-introduced printers worked). The required output for the level is "The input, but with the first symbol at the end." What I understood the requirement to be was the original sequence PLUS the first symbol at the end, but what it really wants is the original sequence with the first symbol MOVED from the beginning to the end. If this could be changed I'm sure it would save a lot of people a LOT of frustration!
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Aug. 25, 2011
I find myself wanting to tap in time with the music, causing more untimely deaths than I care to count.
Play As I Lay Dying! As I Lay Dying! Jul. 30, 2011
Life lessons learned: in most situations, rocks can be substituted by corpse chunks (human, vulture, or otherwise!)
Play As I Lay Dying! As I Lay Dying! Jul. 29, 2011
PROTIP: When a vulture flies down to eat Teale, a well-aimed rock to the head will paralyze the vulture, which can then be carried and used to distract other vultures and ravens (it's a little tough so if you don't get it the first few times, keep going, it's worth it). Once a bird has begun to eat one thing, it will wait until it is finished before moving on to another.
Play Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality Jul. 29, 2011
I very much would have liked a terminate monkey (restart level) button for times when things go wrong. I just hit the emergency defrost, proceeded to jump out of the screen and disappear. I now have no means of getting back to where I was besides completely going through the hard path again which I have absolutely no intentions of doing. Guess I'll just have to use my imagination. :| Otherwise a nice game, even if it does lean heavily on Portal themes.
Play Love Love Jul. 15, 2011
I have come to accept that it is not possible to win at Love. Instead, I find myself measuring success in the light of my past failures.
Play Love (new version for Eden contest) Love (new version for Eden contest) Jul. 15, 2011
I have come to accept that it is not possible to win at Love. Instead, I find myself gauging success in the light of my past failures.
Play Villainous Villainous Jul. 01, 2011
I feel like achieving every gold medal should produce enough infamy to buy every upgrade. It takes forever to grind infamy to get the last item in the throne room when there aren't any medals left to collect.
Play Villainous Villainous Jun. 30, 2011
What a wonderful Sauron's eye simulator! 5/5
Play DuckLife2: World Champion DuckLife2: World Champion Jul. 15, 2010
Also, it bothers me that the ability to level up flying is determined by your level in flying. With all of the other skills, it's possible to go from 1 to the skill cap in one round. Flying, however, physically limits your progress. In the midst of a bunch of skill-based minigames, one that relies almost entirely on a number is frustrating. Rather than the duck having no way to keep itself from slowing down, I would suggest possibly adding bits of fruit or seed floating in the air as though they were coins that would replenish some flying 'energy.' This would help keep the player from feeling like they're 100% limited in how fast they can level up flying.
Play DuckLife2: World Champion DuckLife2: World Champion Jul. 15, 2010
Races should automatically end once you cross the finish line. If you've reached the level cap, it's really quite boring to have to wait for the other three ducks to take 3x as long as your own duck to not even reach the finish line by the time limit. Failing this, it would be nice if you could at least go back and watch the other three after you've finished - just watching a finish line for half a minute is just about the worst possibility. Other than that, though, I'm having a great time! It's cute and (mostly) keeping me entertained. 4/5