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    Riverside North in the Dead Zone of Union City
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    Jun. 28, 2012

I am Shadwmoses, you can find me in various games. If you find me, why not say Hello or Hi Shadw. If you knew me in previous games, why not send me a PM and I’ll see it when I log in and respond back if I remember you.

If you want to add me, go ahead. However, I won’t add you as a Friend, you’ll stay as a Fan. Only Fans that I will accept into Friends is if I knew you in a previous game and was an active player.

I spend my online days leaving a digital footprint of me in various games. Such achievements as:

  • All of Kongregate’s Servers 78th strongest Guild in Wartune: Ravens Peak Guild with an average of 7-11 daily members. I was the 1st Guildmaster and the founder of it.
    {Ravens Peak Guild has been confirmed to no longer exist}
    {Estimated time of disbandment: Early February of 2014-May 2014}
    {Reason: Had a short time to play online games at the time, had to pass the Title to Krime}
  • Nerdooks game: Monster Slayers. If you’ve scrolled through the player-made monster slayer teams, you’d eventually arrive to my team named “Ravens Peaks Elites”, this team defeated every team that existed on there. Why not try it out, you could beat it maybe, just try without a Summon though.
  • Nerdooks game: Dungeons Of Kong. I’ve created 3 Custom-made characters on there that people have played as. You’d probably enjoy their names, weapons, and descriptions that I made for them.
  • Nerdooks game: Deadly Neighbours. I’ve made a player submitted Family called " Shadw Squad ", why not try to play against them and tell me how well it went.
  • Molkman’s game: Lucky Tower. If you’re checking ALL of the comments that were made, you’d find my comment that had 47+ Likes, this was a long answer that helped players get pass a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), however, now the comment may no longer be in the Top Comment section. You’d still find it though.
  • loco’s game: KongreTube. I left a bunch of Playlists that people can listen to, however you’ll just have to discover how to access these playlists by yourself or ask Shadw directly.
  • ConArtists’s game: The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I hang out in the Kong Chat answering questions, giving advice, or just being silly :p. I also do the same on the in-game chat. I am the leader of the Alliance: Ravens Peak Guilld. Sounds familiar? That’s right, it’s the same name as the Guild I made in Wartune. If you want to join, let me know and I’ll see if we got open space.
  • Ninjakiwi’s game: SAS: Zombie Assault 4. If you PM (Private Message) me to play a Private Match on the game, I might allow it if I got the time. However, just a word of warning, I am a “lagger” so you would have to slowly advance. I have a Assault (Main) and a Medic (2nd) and planning to create a Heavy class later on. I will only accept maps on: Onslaught, Survivors, Zombie Pods, V.I.P., Power Out, and Last Stand.

If you want a enemy filled map and a quick sweep of death, I’ll choose my Assault, since I have the ability to call in SAS Elite Assault Squad for a short duration of time. If you want a slow progressive advance, I’ll choose my Medic, I will heal you and be a support unit shooting from far away as well as playing bait (Once I upgrade my Movement).

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Shadowian Games=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

  • Rules to a Shadowian Game of Objective:
    (1) Shadwmoses will give a task to the participants.
    (2) The participants must then compete to complete the given task.
    (3) When the task is over, the winning participant receives the reward.
    Note: Only one participant can win in the Shadowian game of Objective.
  • Rules to a Shadowian Game of Grid:
    (1) 9 Players maximum (First 9 players that asked) that are Level 10+.
    (2) Players give coordinates of a tic-tac-toe grid.
    (3) Players can only give the coordinates once and can’t choose a coordinate that another player chose.
    (4) Shadwmoses will then find the prize with the given coordinate.
    (5) Shadwmoses will publicly announce who won which items.
    (6) Trade with Shadwmoses in-game to receive the reward.

Note: Anyone who doesn’t want their prize can Private Message Shadwmoses in the chat room, giving the name of a player that is Level 10+ with access to the in-game chat with Fuel. Shadwmoses will then give that players prize to the suggested player. The player must be online.

Reservations: Ask for Shadwmoses in the Kong Chatroom publicly, if Shadwmoses responds, say the following:
" I’ll be one of the nine. "

Shadwmoses will then reply back with:

  • " That is fine. "
    Signalling that you have been reserved to be one of the nine participants in the Shadowian game of Grid.
  • " There’s more than a dime. "
    Signalling that you are the tenth or more than ten players that tried to reserve their places. Nothing personal if you don’t get chosen.
  • " Not this time. "
    Signalling that Reservations will not be accepted for the upcoming Shadowian game of Grid or that there will not be a game of Grid for that time.
  • NOTICE: The Shadowian game of Objective will be played once a week. The Shadowian game of Grid will be held once a month. Both are due to the following reason:
    (1) Shadowian game of Objective Fuel Cost: 15 Fuel.
    (2) Shadowian game of Grid Fuel Cost: 135 Fuel.
    (3) Weekly Fuel harvest: 60+ Fuel.
    (4) Monthly Fuel harvest: 200+ Fuel.

Give a Shout Out on my Profile if you want a few of what I am Trading in the game: The Last: Stand Dead Zone.

  • {RESERVED} = Someone wants to buy this item. All offers will wait until person decides whether or not to buy this item.
  • [This item will be sold to the highest bidder, nothing personal] = Exactly as it’s written, it is sold to the highest bidder, and as written, nothing personal if you don’t get it.
  • {Limited} = There is a certain amount of this item that is on sale, get it fast before it’s gone!

SOON TO ADD IN ITEMS Category is basically where you will see items that might appear in the Shadw Shop. This is a category that will show you any potential items that you might want to buy. And some of the items will be sold to the highest bidder. ~ Shadwmoses

  • Nothing on sale

I will also be selling Resources in exchange for low Grade Medical Items.
100 Wood = Grade 2 Bandages x2
300 Metal = Grade 2 Bandages x1
200 Cloth = Grade 2 Bandages x1
50 Food = Antiseptic x1 / Grade 3 Gauze x3
50 Water = Antiseptic x1 / Grade 3 Gauze x5
50 Ammo = Antiseptic x1/ Pain Killers x1

Got lots of Fuel and you are on a buying spree? Well Shadwmoses will allow only certain items to be bought in bulk (multiple or large amounts) from the Shadw Shop.

  • None at the moment, sorry.


As stated, leave a Shout Out on my Profile for which items you want. If you want specifics on the item, I’ll respond.

Prices for Shadw Shop items:

  • None at the moment, sorry.

Note: Prices are made when both sides agree with what is the paying item and how many.

This selling list will increase every time I decide to sell items and decrease as items are sold. Remember, Trading costs Fuel, and first one, first served.
~ Shadwmoses the friendly player

Credits: I would like to thank my online friend: LackofFun for including and giving credits to me for the idea of {Kong Profile Shops} on his Kong Profile.

If you want to buy things that isn’t on my Profile or from a different player, check out LackofFun’s Kong Profile Shop.
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