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Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Sep. 24, 2013
I quite like the game despite the grinding. What I don't like is blops disappearing... This makes the game really unattractive...
Play Alxemy Alxemy Feb. 10, 2011
A gear looks like a wheel with thorns sticking out... No sir, it does not!
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Feb. 09, 2011
I got the achievement for 100 wood and 1k wood at the same time... bit weird...
Play Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Feb. 09, 2011
This has been on newgrounds since 2005 and it's by GamerDisclaimer, if this is real.... I don't know...
Play Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 Jan. 19, 2011
NOOO!!! it didn't register me getting the 200 achievement :( gotta start over again...
Play Age of Defense 3 Age of Defense 3 Jan. 19, 2011
My game crashed while repeatedly building catapult men on level 2. They keep repeating the same movement. Please fix this, otherwise good game, 4/5
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 12, 2011
Hm... The tile sets were ripped from Arkandian Crusade, I also spotted stuff from Elona Shooter and the top down shooter is from some zombie game... Wow thats alot of stuff to steal... 1/5 bit sad, stealing other peoples stuf...
Play Dragon Siege Preview Dragon Siege Preview Jan. 05, 2011
Must have more stages!!!!! Nice game, simple but addicting ^^
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 22, 2010
Right, 1000 blacksmithing and my succes chance on the best bow is 0% :(
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
Hey Undefined, I followed your blog through-out development and you said the shop restocks every x minutes but it still holds the same items as when I started. Still, 5/5 to a great game and loads of effort! Congrats on the release!
Play Dragon's Call Dragon's Call Dec. 20, 2010
Yay fighting existencialist ghosts...
Play Dragon's Call Dragon's Call Dec. 17, 2010
I know Orcs arn't all that good in English but: "Or I will inflame you to roast my fish."
Play As I Lay Dying! As I Lay Dying! Dec. 16, 2010
Lol "You know you are prone to accidents"
Play Fish Maharajah Fish Maharajah Dec. 15, 2010
Oh noes, economic recession at 13:00 PM... When the hell is 13:00 PM btw.... is that 1 AM the next day?
Play A Bikers Heaven A Bikers Heaven Dec. 14, 2010
Won't let me press play :(
Play Operation BlackKnife Operation BlackKnife Dec. 03, 2010
Ok, it's a fun game and after the tutorial it get quite fun... until you trow in the insane hyperspeed level. It makes no sense... It really doesn't fit into the game... 3/5 would have been 4/5 if not for the anoying level...
Play Battery Battery Nov. 24, 2010
The combination of slow movement and the quite large target square (bigger then the sprite) makes the asteroids quite hard. Overal nice game, 3/5
Play Blue Knight Blue Knight Nov. 23, 2010
Blue Knight: "Commander, I have found water on this planet!" Commander: "Good job soldier! Continue mission as planned." Blue Knight: "One problem sir, it seems to be just a bit heavier then air. I can walk through the stuff with no problem... Oh and swimming is not an option." Commander: "Never mind soldier! Anything blue resembling water is drinkable!"
Play Despair Despair Nov. 18, 2010
It's not about being long or non linear it's about the thought behind the game. I know there are alot of art haters on kong but don't play if you don't like these games...
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Nov. 16, 2010
Pfff... finally unlocked all 314 :D stupid hackers in high score... :(