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Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 27, 2011
Nice Final Fantasy 8 reference :D
Play Lazer Taco Dungeon cats 1 the sequal Lazer Taco Dungeon cats 1 the sequal Sep. 21, 2010
If you click the can it appears next to you. Then you can get it again :) Still i dont see the point. 1/5
Play Gardenball Gardenball Jan. 12, 2010
The stars seem to be glitching... Unless they just continue to count even if you have collected them all? Take a look at that, but other than that nice 4/5 :)
Play Clever Frog Clever Frog Jan. 12, 2010
Just your PC. Nice, 4/5
Play Capsule X Capsule X Jan. 11, 2010
Very nice. Although i must say that people who lack a programmer's mind might find this excruciating. But i loved it ;)