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Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Mar. 04, 2014
@gatorzfan95 - To get the extra 3 mushrooms on level 8, you have to hit the spider. Killing a spider makes it rain, which grows an extra mushroom in each grove. Hope this helps
Play Cryptographer's Guild : The First Trials Cryptographer's Guild : The First Trials Sep. 09, 2013
I very much enjoyed this game, and look forward to a sequel.
Play Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 Classic Nurikabe Light Vol 1 Jul. 05, 2013
First thing I do when I see a level is look for obvious black square points. Above, below, and both sides of a 1 clue get filled in. Any numbers that are diagonally next to each other have to be kept apart. So do any pairs of numbers that only have 1 empty space between them. Hope this helps :)
Play As I Lay Dying! As I Lay Dying! Jul. 02, 2013
I love this game :) Personally, the voice acting makes it for me.
Play The Deeplight Expedition The Deeplight Expedition Jul. 02, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this game, a very good test of platforming skills. My two biggest gripes about it are the repetitive nature (dying often close to an exit forces you to do the room from scratch till you can get out any passageway). And the moving platforms... I feel they should have let you grab onto them like other ledges. Otherwise, a good game.
Play co-op toon shooter co-op toon shooter Jun. 30, 2013
For some reason, I can't choose any level other than the first one when I am hosting a round. Also, when I signed out then in again (to join a round to play a different level), the character I had bought (Gary) wasn't available to me when I had signed in the second time.
Play Portal 2D Portal 2D Jun. 15, 2013
I'm stuck on level 11, the first one with the laser bridges... I have a portal on each of the only surfaces that are portalable. I'm assuming the bridge is supposed to go through the portals like in the Valve version, but it doesnt line up for me :( I was enjoying this game, too :(
Play Arzea Arzea Jun. 10, 2013
Neither of the badges triggered for me... I beat the game 100% then clicked continue, then killed myself. Still no badges...
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Aug. 25, 2011
Press "=" to change costumes.
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Aug. 25, 2011
That was so mindbending, but very enjoyable. Can't wait for the full version to come out :)