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    The Blissful State of Ignoring You
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    Jul. 06, 2007

I am a misanthrope towards anyone who hasn’t proven their worth. If that bothers you, it shouldn’t, because who the hell am I anyway?

People who piss me off:
*Stupid people. If you’re 14, you don’t know shit about anything. Until you’re in college or have a job, you don’t know anything about life other than what it’s like living at mommy’s house. Go out and get some life experience, but until then, shut your god damn trap about topics you don’t know a thing about. NOTE TO 14 YEAR OLDS: If you aren’t one of the stupid ones, then you should understand who that paragraph is meant for.
*People who think they’re funny but are not. Don’t lol after everything you type. You just look retarded and insecure.
*People who don’t use real words/proper diction. The time you save writing ur,h8,etc. gives me that precious split second more of my life to hate you.
*People who update everyone on whats happening every second of the game they’re playing. I come here to play my games, not yours.
*Stop adding me to your friends list if I don’t know who the hell you are. Being a fan of 1000 people doesn’t mean you have 1000 friends; it means you wasted your time clicking the add button 1000 times. And I’m not going to add you to my friends list unless I want to know when you are around, so don’t ask me to add you.
*9/11 was not an inside job, the Twin Towers were not brought down with demolition charges, and a missile didn’t hit the Pentagon. You actually think the most inept government administration in US history could pull of an event of that magnitude, but couldn’t just “find” a nuke in one of Saddam’s palaces? There are actual conspiracies out there that are ignored by the masses because of stupid shit like the 9/11 Truth movement taking up more time than it’s worth.

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