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Play Death Lab Death Lab Feb. 10, 2014
That is со great done, acid, fire, ricochets! and intriguing movie in the end! Small tip: in the begining press "more games" button it will give you achieve and extra 1000 creds
Developer response from NewStage

You need to be a hardcore guy to see the end movie, it's an old school game:) yes 1000 credits can be useful in the beginning, nice you found this "cheat"

Play Soldiers Soldiers Jul. 24, 2011
2 Zygon6 Tactic Master ("Do all the level achievements") - you get it when you get all the level achievements, check carefully. data corrupted is 25 friendly fire kills, use frags and sniper for a friendlyfire
Play Soldiers Soldiers Jul. 14, 2011
2 hengdog Man, it's sarcasm ) 2 superkanji no one actually cares about the comments 2 MSwordsD It's the hardest lvl in the game, and it forces user to press walkthrough!!!
Play Cave puzzles: a gift Cave puzzles: a gift Jul. 14, 2011
Definitely cool game with a style 5/5
Play Soldiers Soldiers Jul. 12, 2011
2 slleeeppy 3d globe achiev is 20 friendly fire kills ( use frags and sniper ammo for friendly fire) 10th it can lag, but try to shoot at different terrrors in the room with sniper ammo, on some computers this lvl just doesn't play as it was planned, but it's still possible. 30th - yes it is possible, just take the first smoke grenade and use it by Popov(!), use it near the door in front of him, then open the door (smoke will cover the enemy behind the door too) and leave the room, than you can find the way to get this achiev on your own Good luck!
Play Soldiers Soldiers Jul. 11, 2011
2 Somewake Nonsense! "Stereotypical and prejudicial aproach to the middle easterners" well guess you should blame the FBI first and see the list of terrorists - " Game is mainly based on killing muslims" No, the game is about war with terrorism "blamin Turkey or other neutral countries for backing up retired terrorists" where the blaming Turkey has been found in the game? btw if you are interested in the terrorism in Turkey - "omg they can retire? " - it's a sarcasm There is no hate to anyone in the game.
Play Vehicles Vehicles May. 21, 2010
Thanks everyone for the comments) Should notice that putting a funflow button in the game isn't a developer's decision. We just create game. When I was playing the game myself, I've incidentally pressed the funflow button and opened the link, and involuntarily sweared the developer, despite the fact that it's actually me)
Play Vehicles Vehicles May. 16, 2010
Charliepage Click on the "sponsor levels" button it's beneath the locked-levels
Play Vehicles Vehicles May. 15, 2010
2 Zombie_Dori Yes, you are definetely right ) thanks))
Play Vehicles Vehicles May. 15, 2010
About most frequent feedback - - The physics aren't consistent and too random Yes, at first it was consistent, but it was boring and lifeless. So the springs between the car body and the weels has been added. It made the game more lively. Sure vehicles became more unpredictable, but it was far more challenging and fun to play. Sometimes it makes hard to beat the level, It's true, but it's not a logic puzzle, it's more fun arcade and should be played that way) Thanks for playing and for the comments!