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Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 08, 2014
If you want to get rich early on, just fly between the two starting stations, buy utility items for 0.8 price modifier and sell for 1 price modifier. You can go up to Autogun Drones making hundred thousands a trip, but it kind of ruins the game. I would suggest a 20% cut on selling any item compared to buying it. That way it's still good to shop around for stuff you actually need / want to sell, but not just flying around buying and selling unreasonable amounts of utility items. Keep the trading to the low prices trade goods only, where the capacity limit is quickly reached and you can only work with margins on low cash volumes.
Play Transmorpher Transmorpher Dec. 06, 2012
TD;LR: add time scores, like in Super Meat Boy! I think the game when played normally was a bit on the easy side. There's only one or two levels (I recall the one with the multiple layers of ice on the right) that could really count as 'puzzles'. But once I started to go for an optimal fastest route instead of a safe one to achieve an imaginary 'best time' the platform side of the game became really challenging, kind of like in Super Meat Boy. Might be something to explore. While at first I was skeptical towards the mouse controls, I was happily surprised at how well it works. A couple of levels in and it felt completely natural. Well done.
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jul. 18, 2011
I'm usually against predictable happy endings but this game kind of deserved one...
Play Soldiers Soldiers Jul. 12, 2011
this is not real time strategy, but real time tactics
Play Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! Jun. 09, 2011
The whole idea of the skills is that you need to CHOOSE, not get them all...
Play Recordshop Tycoon Recordshop Tycoon Sep. 14, 2010
Hate it when a game has a bug (infinite cash by moving between properties and just buying CDs) and the highscore list is bloated with people who abused it and you cant see if you did a good job without cheating. Spoils the game and I hope the next revision will fix the bug and reset (or create a new) highscore list.
Play Four Second Fury Four Second Fury Jul. 06, 2010
Obey! is based on this, but with much better structure