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Hardcore video-gamer with a Bachelors degree in 3D Modeling & Animation. Currently a Free-Lance Digital Artist, looking to enter the video-game industry as a 3D Modeler/Texture Artist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reached the level cap of 65 on March 14, 2014 from badge points only --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 Impossible Badges: In the order I got them: SCGMD3, Pandemic 2, Fold, Amorphous+, Orbular, Necronomicon, Vector Runner, Dolphin Olympics 2, Streamline, SCGMD2, Meat Boy, Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, Colourpod 2, 99 Bricks, Line Game, Cell Warfare, Meat Boy(Map Pack), Pyro, Super Stacker 2, MoneySeize, Gravitee, Monster's Den, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, Mardek RPG: Chapter 3, Tower of Greed, Sonny 2, Balloon Invasion, Run 2, Focus, Frantic 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------68,450 gamerscore on XBox Live ------------------proudest XBox Live achievements: "The Inhuman Achievement" (beat Through the Fire and Flames of Guitar Hero 3 on Expert) "Fearsome" (complete the campaign on F.E.A.R. on extreme difficulty) "Suicide Missionary" (Beat Gears of War 2 on Insane difficulty) "Enlightened Guitarist" (gold star 20 or more songs on Expert in Guitar Hero 3) "Brass Balls" (Beat Bioshock on hardest difficulty without using any Vita-chambers) "Mile High Club" (beat the bonus mission of Call of Duty 4 on Veteran difficulty) "Rainbow Six Legend" (complete Rainbow Six: Vegas on Realistic difficulty) "Insanity" (Beat Mass Effect 2 on Insanity difficulty) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Videogames are 1.Chrono Trigger for the Super NES 2.Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube 3.Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I own over 350 videogames across 12 systems and counting. I just love gaming my friends!

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