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Play Halfsies Halfsies Dec. 08, 2009
Yep--I just count the blue pixels on either side of your cut.
Play Halfsies Halfsies Dec. 08, 2009
Your previous cut is shown on the right side, along with a graph of where you scored (green = points, red = lost points).
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Jun. 26, 2009
Beautiful game, but I thought the puzzles were a bit simple.
Play Vector Boom Vector Boom Jun. 17, 2009
Love it! I wouldn't mind a slightly slower difficulty ramp on survival mode, but awesome concept.
Play Tempus Terminus Tempus Terminus Jun. 02, 2009
Great idea, but moving the bullets around feels too clunky (I want to be able to just click on the arrows) and it's really hard to make precision jumps.
Play Filler 2 Filler 2 May. 15, 2009
@Doriandoriac That's how I had it originally (before releasing Filler 1), but I thought the gameplay was too black & white (either you release the mouse and it freezes the ball or it pops). The bubble-to-bubble collisions added a "safety" element. I tend to build bubbles near other bubbles, and as the bouncy balls come my way I "retreat" to the other ball.
Play Filler 2 Filler 2 May. 15, 2009
@deathrouge97 that's intentional, actually. read through the instructions: "Even if you run out of freeze time, the board will stay frozen until you finish making a ball."
Play Reactor Reactor Apr. 13, 2009
A little more than "based" on Frenzic...
Play Kaleidoscope Reef Kaleidoscope Reef Sep. 17, 2008
decently fun, but the intro takes forever and the time between levels is a bit annoying
Play Boombot Boombot Aug. 25, 2008
brilliant fun
Play The Last Canopy The Last Canopy Aug. 16, 2008
One of the best flash games I've seen.
Play Parachute Retrospect Parachute Retrospect Aug. 13, 2008
The buried treasure is too hard (the final boss is insane), but the game itself is hilarious.
Play Nano War Nano War Jul. 22, 2008
Awesome game... when do we get multiplayer?
Play Tactical Assassin 2 Tactical Assassin 2 May. 20, 2008
The interfaces look slick, but the gameplay... pisses me off. A little bit of circular motion applied to the crosshair would be one thing, but actually jerking your aim around is too annoying to play.
Play Sinta:Escape from Ixerron Keep Sinta:Escape from Ixerron Keep May. 02, 2008
Cute, but needs more testing. I got stuck in South Wing 1 under the left-most ladder and couldn't get out of that little hole.
Play colorfill colorfill Apr. 29, 2008
I submit that it's a clone of Jezzball, which is the same thing I cloned. If anything, let's say that I rekindled his passion for a really good game and got his wheels turning on how he would've done it. =]
Play Kongai Launch Kongai Launch Apr. 01, 2008
Ouch--I let my guard down after the newgrounds joke.
Play Flip It Flip It Jan. 31, 2008
Nice production values, but I got bored pretty quickly.
Play Defender Defender Jan. 30, 2008
Pretty good, but I wish you could sell units back to make room for the advanced units.
Play Dupligon Dupligon Jan. 21, 2008
I got bored after Level 1... the "visit my site" intro takes so long that i don't think i'll come back to this one.