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Play Midas Midas Jan. 11, 2012
The girl isn't turning to gold properly if you hit her from the side. Still works if you jump on her head, and it's still counted as a loss and plays the sound properly.
Play FIVE FIVE Dec. 22, 2011
Well done. I'm impressed. I don't think there needs to be a cue for connections; that would just kill the tension.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Dec. 13, 2011
This is an incredibly good game, but the alien campaign is rife with fake difficulty; poor ally AI is not difficulty. It's just annoying. It even breaks verisimilitude; the commanders in the last level seem much better when you're playing humans than when you're playing as aliens.
Play Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Dec. 12, 2011
Explosive lasers. Because aiming is for noobs.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Dec. 04, 2011
Good game, but you've got one hell of a memory leak somewhere.
Play Combat Hero Adventures Combat Hero Adventures Nov. 01, 2011
That rifle looks a LOT like an Incisor from Mass Effect...
Play Evolved Infantry Evolved Infantry Oct. 05, 2011
Aaand it seems that the M16 Sniper is a 40-shell magazine semiautomatic shotgun with the ammo readout in rounds/mags instead of rounds/rounds.
Play Evolved Infantry Evolved Infantry Oct. 05, 2011
Did some more testing. Bullets don't appear to stop after they collide with something; I can hit two targets and a tree with one shot.
Play Evolved Infantry Evolved Infantry Oct. 05, 2011
Decent tech demo. Grenades need a bit more gravity, jump should be a little higher, and it's difficult to aim anything with a 4x scope with the mouse the way it is.
Play Vulpin Adventure Vulpin Adventure Sep. 20, 2011
Fairly well done, but speed pretty much doesn't matter (if you really want to go first, get it up to about 15 including items), and the defense stat is crazysauce. Bonus points for cuteness of EVERYTHING and all the references and jokes in the descriptions, but the game is too slow-paced and too easy.
Play Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Aug. 12, 2011
I like the game. Of course, the turret complimenting me may have helped some...
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jul. 18, 2011
Here I was expecting the dad back but "You spent X stars on yourself before spending 1000 on your dad"
Play Diepix Arena 2 Diepix Arena 2 May. 13, 2011
"Shot frequency" or "Rate of Fire", not "Shoot Frequency".
Play How fast can you click? How fast can you click? May. 10, 2011
Meh. 5 minutes of Java coding = 38718 clicks per minute.
Play Leaping Luchadores Leaping Luchadores Mar. 30, 2011
Play Stick Dude Killing Arena - The Game Stick Dude Killing Arena - The Game Mar. 10, 2011
Also, moving explosions when the character moves? Poor show.
Play Stick Dude Killing Arena - The Game Stick Dude Killing Arena - The Game Mar. 10, 2011
1/5. People don't jump like that... you'll go as far after the apex as you do before.
Play Let The Bullet Fly Let The Bullet Fly Feb. 22, 2011
Whose physics are those, because they sure as hell ain't Newton's.
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Feb. 18, 2011
There's a slight bug in the game: you can't get the "no reloads" emblem if you run out of ammo. You do not have to reload for it to disqualify you. Still, not that major as the early missions can be very easy to complete without reloading.
Play Amea Amea Feb. 14, 2011
Sounds are very familiar... Diablo II by any chance?