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Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Dec. 06, 2014
Play Utopian Mining Utopian Mining Dec. 12, 2013
Great game. Couldn't help but stay in a permanent state of paranoia that I was eventually going to make myself obsolete.
Play i saw her standing there i saw her standing there Apr. 18, 2012
I love the simplistic style but I think adding even just a simple background would really improve the game.
Play NoNoSparks: Genesis NoNoSparks: Genesis Apr. 17, 2012
Really fun, unique and interesting puzzle game. Having a lot of fun playing it. I have to say, some of the animations build up and the time it takes to start playing the game and change between puzzles can be a little frustrating.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Apr. 07, 2012
Even more fun than the original! :)
Play The Ice Temple The Ice Temple Apr. 07, 2012
Really cool little game :) Particularly like the controls.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 07, 2012
Really enticing game. Some aspects are unclear to begin with but otherwise it's very intuitive. Can imagine this being a hit on touch-screen! Very addictive!
Play Death Worm Death Worm May. 24, 2011
Very, very cool game. Most games are more rewarding when death is a possibility but I think this is one of the few that could do without it.
Play Darkness 2 Darkness 2 Jul. 24, 2010
Kinda cool concept. The atmosphere is a bit too dramatic considering you're a ball spraying paint everywhere. I also really couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the tutorial which spanned the first, what, 14 levels? Otherwise, it was a very fun little puzzle game.
Play Continuity Continuity Apr. 02, 2010
Very cool concept. Well designed and well programmed in almost all areas. Only suggestion is a different character. 5/5
Play Crunchball 3000 Crunchball 3000 Mar. 31, 2010
OHHH YES! 167.1 yard GOAL!
Play GemCraft GemCraft Mar. 17, 2010
Really need some help with the first epic. I just can't get past wave 31 (out of 32).
Play GemCraft GemCraft Mar. 16, 2010
Hmm. Some important features from Chapter 0 have been taken out that I'm already missing. No key for toggling 3x and 1x speed? And only being able to combine gems in the inventory is annoying as well. Other than that, very, VERY cool :)
Play DuckLife DuckLife Mar. 07, 2010
Pretty cool and fun little game :) levelling needs to become more difficult over time though.
Play This is the Only Level TOO This is the Only Level TOO Mar. 06, 2010
@Taijifist: What do you do if you're totally stuck? :)
Play Craqua Craqua Mar. 05, 2010
Would be nice to have a bit of level music variation (as cool as it is). Very awesome game.
Play Home Sheep Home Home Sheep Home Mar. 02, 2010
Tips get way, way, WAY too easy. But it's not worth marking it down for that so 5 stars :)
Play Manifold Manifold Mar. 02, 2010
Pretty cool*
Play Manifold Manifold Mar. 02, 2010
Pretty sure, but yeah, it's short.
Play Chibi Knight Chibi Knight Feb. 28, 2010
Only an "I AM ERROR" message short of being Zelda II. Absolute belter! 5 stars.