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Play Captain Nutty Captain Nutty Oct. 31, 2013
Everything dies incredibly easy and the gameplay is essentially about the quantity of enemies. Instead, a better approach is to make some actual interesting singular opponents that take more damage to kill and require dodging (squirrel also too slow). By doing this the game could be far more interesting. Additionally, there's WAY too much cluttering the screen for no purpose whatsoever. Instead of having coins that must be collected upon enemy deaths which do nothing but clutter the screen, have them get collected automatically and have the magnet apply to nuts. This would free up a lot more screen space for interesting bullets and actual gameplay other than "collect this then upgrade until you're essentially invincible". Further to the above, it's too easy, the game can be completed with level 3 guns, level 1 armour and level 2 fuel. More levels with a variety of opponents and bosses would make things much more interesting as opposed to replaying the same level over.
Play UMAG2 UMAG2 Feb. 16, 2012
Auto cannon ruins the game. Removes all skill.
Play Offroaders Offroaders Jan. 21, 2012
For those struggling with the last level, you should be boosting almost none stop, hit that boost button as much as possible, especially after the majority of the big jumps. Stop saving up your boost and start using it as often as you can. You'll figure it out once you start doing this.
Play Fortress Magnus Fortress Magnus Sep. 27, 2011
Changes this game needs: Keyboard controls. An auto fire that's the same rate as you can click. More princess. Heavier story intervals opposed to just a speech bubble in the missions, cut scenes? Sense of space and world - world maps are popular because it gives a sense of the world you're playing in. More princess. New towers need to be immediately useful opposed to useless until upgraded. Balancing needs to be addressed around this problem though size for upgrades is a nice addition that adds a lot to the game, not complaining about that, the people that are are idiots. The aesthetics of this game are gorgeous, the art style is fantastic, improve this game and you've got a fantastic little series on your hands. Oh yeah, more princess. Use her combined with the artstyle and aesthetics of the world for some added humour perhaps? Good game, keep it up!
Play Fortress Magnus Fortress Magnus Sep. 27, 2011
There's nothing wrong with getting bigger after upgrades, it's welcome balancing in my books. Games are not fun if you're an unstoppable invincible monster with zero weakness. Size is a fair exchange for power and has been used in games since the days of mech warrior.
Play Fortress Magnus Fortress Magnus Sep. 27, 2011
Oh my god. You included English English as opposed to just putting in US English. I love you.
Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 23, 2011
@mstorm, this concept isn't new. It is however a good execution of it.
Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 23, 2011
Never ever EVER use boxing training, it is a waste, for the same food and time you can get more by doing 1 gym and 1 archery.
Play Vector Stunt Vector Stunt Sep. 22, 2011
There is nothing wrong with unity at all. Stop acting like it's a crime to use it, there are absolutely fantastic games coming through and it's still in it's early days, imagine what we'll have when everyone starts pushing it to it's limits.
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Sep. 21, 2011
Creeper has never really met my expectations, we're running away from a monster that we can actually beat? That doesn't make sense at all. No level in any of the creeper games has ever truly made me feel like this is an unstoppable unbeatable evil that we can ONLY run away from and if we don't do it in time we're all screwed. For this reason, while the game is good, it doesn't meet the expectations of the universe and story that it is a part of. For this reason the game has never been a 5/5 for me, it needs to meet the rules of it's own story.
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Sep. 21, 2011
Accelerator is awesome, shut your filthy whore mouth dave.
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Sep. 21, 2011
This does not deserve the ridiculous rating it has and certainly shouldn't be first in the monthly. Accelerator deserves to win that.
Play Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1 Murloc RPG 2: Episode 1 Sep. 21, 2011
Does not deserve the rating it has. This is buggy as hell. What the hell are the people rating this thinking? Accelerator deserves to win the monthly, not this. Release a game that's ready, not one that still needs alpha testing.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 19, 2011
Congrats on winning the monthly Tenebrous! Looks pretty solid now =P
Developer response from TenebrousP

Oh I wouldn't say it's solid! Neck and neck with the Murloc game at the moment :)

Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 13, 2011
Tenebrous, you're the most prolific programmer I've ever seen. Keep up the good work dude. So many updates in such a short time period. This absolutely deserves to win the monthly.
Developer response from TenebrousP

But perhaps outweighed by some of the silly bugs I left in? :) thank you very much for the kind words though :D

Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 11, 2011
Higher than 1300 is impossible. Cheaters.
Play Frantic Frigates Frantic Frigates Sep. 08, 2011
I read it lachh :)
Play Dead Metal Dead Metal Sep. 07, 2011
Bubble tanks in space without all the original and cool mechanics that made bubble tanks stand out from the crowd as not just another shooter... Got ya. This isn't a step forwards, this is a step backwards. You can do better than this guys.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 06, 2011
I've got a suggestion, how about making the game draw a 3d map of the random route it creates? I'd love to see where I am relative to my start point after all those twists and turns.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 06, 2011
I think the cheat protection should go back to being aggressive, there's a tonne of people cheating to lower speed.