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Number 1 Jet pilot in Hawaii on BF3 for PS3.
As of: 6/2/2014
21,744 Jet Kills

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Part 1 of the Sladeykinz Epic of Kong. By Slade421/RF_Sukhoi
I do my best to uphold Kong’s ways of old, but as time goes on and new users take hold of the foundation and grow more bold…

We old-timers are less able to hold our own ‘til the morn.
And the day when we’re gone, will be a day to mourn.

I do my best to cover for the rest. Fallen from the nest, moving far from what is West.

Donning the vest of Kongregate and defending it from the trolls and snakes. Pushing Daedra back thru’ Oblivion gates…

In the days of old, the days of yore, possible to chat, and no speaking for gore.

We few of then, boys – girls – women -and men. We fight for truth, we fight for Kong! The days of light, Pride stay strong!

Though the days are long and the nights are short, allowing for little rest to defend this once-mighty fort.

But fear not! For in the end. The Sun doth rise, and the trolls can’t fend.

The day’ll be won as it was before. Yes the day’ll be as ‘One’ once more!

Part II Of TSEoK
Thinking back to that fateful day. I twas but a lad, least to say.

Sacred Seasons was my game, a fantasy I loved, pure with no shame.

A merry life in which we lived. Grinding in fellowship, freely giv’d.
Arenas fought thru in darkest of days. Light did win out! Hooray! Hooray!

Wilds explored, badges earned. Dragons gored, and witches burned.

Platform editing eventually took me. A very long time before it shook me. Too many changes, and far too much lag. Not enough ranges, for free-roaming stag.

Platform shooters next, TDP4. Buyers won out, screaming more, more, more!

Eventually true happiness was found once again. Idling games! Non-isolation.

Chatting away, how quick goes the day.

Later relaxing, amazed how time flies. Sleeping Snorlaxing, in bed I doth lie.

Kongregate! O’ Kongregate! Open wide, to all with heart. Kongregate, yes Kongregate, where many gamers start.

An ode to Greg, and Emily Greer. Rais’d this site from infancy, with nary a sneer.

Thanks to the admins and mods aplenty. For forging this site. A true land of plenty.

Part III of TSEoK
We drink to the future! To days not yet come. For trolls and un-aged will fin’ly be gone.

Shiny Orange M’s, and Bright Scarlet A’s. Trav’ling knights and bold Rangers, saving the day.

Working for naught, but salvation for Kong. Make this land pure, poisoned so long…

Lock, Darth, and Morgoth – first three I met. Man, Sloth, and Melkor, plebs need not fret.

But they won’t always be here. So Be Your Own Mod, and help wipe this land clear…

A toast to Kong! The real World of Dreams. Where anything might – not be what it seems.

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