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Play Bullet Time Bullet Time Jun. 05, 2009
Too much visual 'noise' on the location of the ship but otherwise a fun game. I'd remove the annoying pulsating green boxes.
Play Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons May. 26, 2009
If you are having trouble with the 2nd boss here's some tips.... Slow Time should help a lot when he's in his circling phase. Get a big weapon (big laser ideally) to hit him when he's stationary. Use weapons like Energy Homing or Lightning to add firepower when he's moving.
Play Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons May. 25, 2009
Could use better weapon balance, the squarestep, reverse, bomb, laser lock, bfg, vortex and duck death are too weak to be useful.
Play abstracta abstracta Apr. 20, 2008
perfect difficulty and great power-ups. The last boss fight almost made me feel sick but I thought it was a good fight all the same. And 2nd fight = your ship peeing on snow.