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Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness Jun. 19, 2015
double coins dont work?
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We think they do.... no one has mentioned this or submitted a support ticket about that, and we normally have some very eagle eyes players.

Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 17, 2015
Crop a plant? really? 1/5 and stopped to play cause of that stupid quest
Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness Jun. 11, 2015
Some limitation are added without any announcement nicely done
Developer response from Spicyhorse

To ensure the survival of the game, tweaks are an ongoing process. And not all of them will be awesome gameplay and feature additions I'm afraid.

Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness May. 28, 2015
Is was working and is not working now so its their fault. Its funny how those who invest real money in game are being abused here ^^
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Yes, we closed our own CDN servers just to abuse our paying customers, that makes business sense doesn't it?

Play Coraabia Coraabia May. 23, 2015
nice concept but ... overdone here ))) too complicated ^^
Play Void Vikings Void Vikings May. 23, 2015
wow its realy awsome game , is it any change to become a multiplayer?
Play Chains of Darkness Chains of Darkness May. 15, 2015
Real- time pvp (moth players choose skills) or mass pvp would be nice
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Indeed it would.... and that's why it's (probably) coming. ;)

Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 09, 2015
Hey ! It is very nice idea. Just a suggestion: - smarter raiders, or possibility to choose taktiks, simplest is not go far away from each other and atack one clothest mob - some (not one) pieces of equipment, and a shop of common gear - choose skill like each 10 lvls maybe: - heal units by klicking on him - further unit specialisations on high level to defender/dmg dealer, ranger(long range)/ assasin(more dmg), aoe mage/aoe healer.
Play The Pix The Pix May. 04, 2015
chopping so mutch is realy bad idea for an idle game
Play Idle Star Idle Star May. 02, 2015
Bosses (extra strong ships) each 10 lvls would be nice
Play Shape Fold Animals Shape Fold Animals Apr. 15, 2015
Nice idea, but too easy since shape is given and there is not mutch variants what to do with that. My suggestion: - different kind of joints, like some pieces could move freely, some other slide egde to egde or rotating point can slide or move - obstacles on the plane what prevents pieces to move - level editor with possility to share levels. Difficulty rating can be made with that
Play Dream Car Racing Evo Dream Car Racing Evo Mar. 20, 2015
suggestions for wuther parts : - angle block what allow part to move in only some range of angles - pneumatick shock what does not compress - propeller :D
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Mar. 20, 2015
please make at the begin of a battle 3-5 seconds pause to apply skills or make hotkeys for skills?
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Mar. 09, 2015
Omg again some minutes of play and no more energy... really ? 0o
Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Mar. 08, 2015
Game is nice, but needed: -ability to save different squads vof pvp and pve - pvp make either both real time (two players can change positions of troops) or both without changes, since its kinda not interesting
Play Crazy Zombie v5.0 Crazy Zombie v5.0 Feb. 15, 2015
yeah the maxed character is too powerfull. You sould - shrink the max parameters like 2x - instead of 100k gold, make sandbox mode
Play Idle Evolution Idle Evolution Feb. 07, 2015
Weird concept... mining elements in the middle of nowhere and creating molecules by demands of bacteria )))
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 25, 2015
realy??? nuclear reactor is where everything disappear in some ticks ? dont make me laugh! 1/5.
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 23, 2015
This game is very good!!! Howewer, some ballance issues are here, for example small +1 mp (or hp) regen bonuses must appear on earlier rooms, because without it rooms 10-20 appears to be most difficult in the game
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 08, 2015
Sorting things by each stat would be nice