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Martial Artists

For centuries a lost clan of warriors took refuge in the hidden mountains of Japan, honing their skills and biding their time until once again the Daimyo would call them to battle. As the years passed their numbers may have faltered, but never their resolve, their drive towards the perfection of bushido. When against all tradition a son of the village turned his back on his teachings and left the mountain, the last surviving master and his three remaining students were forced to follow, to try to stop whatever harm their wayward brother might do.

With them they took the most sacred relics of their arts, the tools and charms that had been passed down through the centuries from master to student, some once used by the most valiant warriors of samurai legend, others by the darkest of ninja assassins.

The world they found was a much different place than the one their forefathers had left.
Characters (click card to see back)

Higashi, the Master

Higashi's power at any range makes him a legendary martial arts master, but he doesn't like being walked out on.

Strengths: Physical Attacks, Speed, All Range Combat
Vulnerabilities: Low Defenses
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Rumiko, the Ninja

Rumiko is quite a catch - if you can catch her - but watch for flying shuriken.

Strengths: Range-Change, Long-Range Attacks
Vulnerabilities: Dark Magic Attacks
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Onimaru, the Samurai

The strong silent type, Onimaru can pummel you in close conversations but may curse you from afar.

Strengths: Physical Attacks, Physical Defense, Health
Vulnerabilities: Long-Range Attacks, Speed

Yoshiro, the Student

You can run from Yoshiro's Rising Dragon, but you can't hide. He's got a glass jaw for physical attacks, though -- light magic defense is more his style.

Strengths: Speed, Physical Attacks, Light Magic
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Dark Magic
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Martial artists r1

Amaya, the Exiled Student

Amaya is the tricky, mysterious type. Teleporting and disabling attacks make Amaya hard to pin down, but don't try to trade blows toe-to-toe.

Strengths: Dark Magic, Range-Chance, Attacks All Enemies
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Light Magic, Health
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Best on a character who the opponent wants to switch out against. Onimaru and Higashi probably capitalize on this the best, and you also gain the more intangible advantage that the opponent doesn't want to switch at all against Caltrops.
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Martial artists r1

Scroll of Inner Focus

Great item for any Martial Artist, except possibly Yoshiro (though still ok on him too). The energy savings really add up as the turns go on.
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Martial artists r1Martial artists r3

Jade Figurine

Best on Amaya (because Amaya's low hit points), the Figurine allows you to avoid getting one-shot killed.
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Martial artists r1Martial artists r2

Flash Powder

Lets you switch characters more safely, so could be used on anyone. When used with Rumiko, it makes her extremely difficult to intercept.
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Martial artists r1Martial artists r3

Origami Crane

If you're tired of your attacks missing, use the Crane on any Martial Artist. Also good against attacks or items that lower hit-rate, such as Ring of Curses or an enemy Amaya.
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Martial artists r1