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Play Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed Sep. 10, 2014
For those who the game is not loading Unity correctly. If it's because you updated your Chrome browser to the last 64-bit version, you have to download to the Unity 64 bit version:
Play Quebrix Quebrix Aug. 28, 2014
5, 7, 9 and 30 I managed to get a better score. I suppose this is possible in some more level
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 12, 2014
Lvl 50 can be done without the last move
Play Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Aug. 05, 2014
After the 35 first levels you can think that you mastered the game but... then comes level 36 and blows your mind!
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Oct. 15, 2012
Arrow FE-29 should be arrow FE-19 in inventory
Play Jahooma's LogicBox Jahooma's LogicBox Aug. 23, 2012
To get perfect scores: 1(3/9),2(4/30),3(4/12),4(3/64),5(5/42),6(5/78),7(5/21),8(10/51),9(7/162),10(11/321),11(10/40),12(8/less than 1711),13(8/less than 2613),14(13/216),15(16/54),16(7/551),17(7/860),18(7,1033). In levels 12 and 13 I don't know the number of steps to get a 10, only a 9 with the steps written
Play Flash DROD: KDDL 1 Flash DROD: KDDL 1 Jul. 18, 2012
In Spanish description the achievement "Los Hoyos son Hermosos" description says room 1S 1E instead of 1S 2E
Play Pumpkin Remover 3 Pumpkin Remover 3 Oct. 25, 2011
Stars are possible in 2,7,12,13,17,18 and 19
Play Pyro Pyro Jan. 05, 2009
If you think that is impossible after trying 1000 times the same level try another browser. I was trying levels 10 and 19 with firefox and after 1 hour of shooting and nothing i switched to google chrome and Idid the two in less than 3 minutes.
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Oct. 14, 2007
I think that the 2 hard badges are pretty unbalanced with the other hard badges. Seeing the highscores people need 70 in-game days (moreless) to get the first and 70 in-game days more to get the second. Each round takes (me) between 7 and 8 minutes this means 7*70 minutes=more than 8 hours to get each badge. Maybe someone can get it earlier but the time needed to get each badge is a lot higher than the time needed for the others hards badges (less than 3 hours). I will put the level to impossible rather than hard ;) (Just one opinion)
Play Lars' Adventure Lars' Adventure Apr. 22, 2007
Original platform game. Not so long