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    Lets set up an appointment for Tuesday?
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    The lost city of Atlantis, I'm a fish!
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    May. 01, 2008
Snakeface has muted you. I'm just a young adult in college for a Bachelors in Computer Sciences. I'm a programmer-in-training and I strive to actually know what I'm doing one day! Well, assuming you know what the Ukrainian coat of arms is you'd see my avatar is exactly that. I'm very fond of my home country and wish it'll persevere and overcome the challenges that it's facing today! :) I'm just another corporate slave usin' my tiny paycheck to buy games on Steam and never have time to play them! Remember kids, look both ways before you cross the street and don't stick your hand in your pants or Satan will tear your peepee off! When you first get on Kongregate you're happy and optimistic, when you're happy and optimistic you want to be friendly. When you try to be friendly people hate you. When people hate you, you get trolled. When you get trolled people laugh at you. When people laugh at you they start trolling you too. And when people start trolling you, you shed tears that aren't manly. Don't get trolled and shed nonmanly tears! Get rid of your regular account in Just Chatting and upgrade to Kong Plus! Kongregate.com (Disclaimer: This isn't an actual advertisement but feel free to buy it anyway, Just Chatting is a place which changes you mentally, enter at your own risk.). Here's a present for all you folks lookin' for a way to waste time! Link: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1gdtY2gvQgy I'll put pregnant women of different races into factories so the milk would have a variety of flavors and colors. I'd make a profit from it and I'd sell it on the black market. I'd also round up the old women. (So I can sell powdered milk to the bodybuilder population.) (This idea for a wonderful business was brought to attention by arcticfenris.) (I still have complete authority and ownership rights over my product.) "Because he's the mod Kongregate deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll get him drunk. Because he can take it. Because he's not our mod. He's a drunk awesome bastard. A watchful protector. A Drunk Mod." Anonymous~ [10:18 PM] DorkusVonBonBon: But I just wanna let you know you're a lovely young man and I bet your booty game mighty strong. [01:03 PM] DorkusVonBonBon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06GGDH_ugh8 Your theme song (reply) [08:55 PM] Kaz7: No one gives a shit, homo. [08:56 PM] Snakeface: I give a shit about you Kaz, you homo.~ [08:56 PM] Kaz7: I love you too, Snake.~ [07:08 AM] liamneesonburley: if your girl then pls pm me [07:09 AM] Snakeface: What if I'm a girl? [07:09 AM] liamneesonburley: then pm me [07:09 AM] Snakeface: What if I don't want to? [07:09 AM] liamneesonburley: then you cant get flirty action [07:10 AM] Snakeface: Why would I want to get flirty action from you? [07:11 AM] liamneesonburley: if your girl then pls pm me [07:35 PM] Snakeface: Just a small town Ukrainian girl, living in a corrupted world, took the APC going to a warzone! Just a Ukrainian boy, born and raised in Kiev! Took the APC going to a warzone! [09:53 PM] Snakeface: How about the gay? [09:53 PM] mikey_boy82: It stabs your heart and twists the blade!! [09:53 PM] babysmur69: also other vehicle restrictions [09:53 PM] DragonDew: turn u gay and slam the door [09:53 PM] PenguinArmy: meh [09:53 PM] DragonDew: (of the closet) [09:53 PM] Snakeface: You'd like that [09:53 PM] Snakeface: Oh [09:53 PM] Snakeface: The closet [09:53 PM] PenguinArmy: live in the country then [09:53 PM] Snakeface: Keep me out of it [09:53 PM] babysmur69: i do [09:54 PM] DragonDew: snake is staying out of the closet [09:54 PM] DragonDew: 3 cheers [09:54 PM] PenguinArmy: everyone's happy then :) [09:54 PM] Snakeface: oh [09:54 PM] Snakeface: damn [09:54 PM] PenguinArmy: gratz snake [09:54 PM] Snakeface: I just ****ed myself without knowing it [09:54 PM] Snakeface: Damn it [09:54 PM] PenguinArmy: kinda dick to come out on langue's bday though [09:35 PM] Ludwig_: i told you [09:35 PM] Ludwig_: so [09:35 PM] Ludwig_: UKrainians do incest [09:35 PM] Ludwig_: so nasty [09:35 PM] Snakeface: No we don't [09:35 PM] Snakeface: We just have sex with potatoes [09:35 PM] Snakeface: That's not incest The Chatkillers! More than meets the eye! Douchebags wage their battle to mute the evil forces of the Illiterate! The Chatkillers! Fat****s in disguise! The Chatkillers! Typing skills that you can't deny! The Chatkillers!~ Retired from Just Chatting - WALL OF SHAME - Anyone on the wall qualifies to be the scum of the earth! ----------------------------------------------------------------- [07:11 PM] 99Pajamasword99: I'm 45 [07:11 PM] 99Pajamasword99: Into small boys. [07:11 PM] 99Pajamasword99: ;d Akkenru: I’ve had things up my bum and I didn’t like it muce: I am a burly homosexual male bear and I am offended. Ban pajina. oatmeals: You look like one of those fat housewives who have a kid and get fatter, and then just eat their lives away Akkenru: Ew, you want to **** me Bailey Akkenru: That's nasty Snakeface: Akk Acari: Hi Bailey. Snakeface: Do it and spread your line Akkenru: I'm fine thanks, how are you? Snakeface: Start an empire Snakeface: She shall be your concubine Afrikaisi: I'm tiiiired. D: Akkenru: I don't wanna have sex with Bailey :o( Snakeface: Why not? Snakeface: Start a new lineage Akkenru: She's incredibly young looking Snakeface: Your children shall be young looking~ Discourse: Pain. Akkenru: She looks like a young teenager...I don't find that attractive Snakeface: Oh Snakeface: Give it terrible music to distract it and then run for the hills. Akkenru: w/ Snakeface more to the point, she's a bit stupid and for some reason has a thing about me fancying her. I really hope she doesn't fancy me because it'll only make her sad that I never will her Akkenru: ... Akkenru: great Snakeface: Damn Snakeface: Well... that escalated quickly

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