Snaks' Comments

Game Comments
Play Rage Zombie Shooter Rage Zombie Shooter Jan. 30, 2015
If you don't pay out on failed missions, then please consider giving us the chance to regrind earlier levels. Right now I'm stuck on a level with no hope of getting money or new gear.
Play Lure: The Kings Gold - demo Lure: The Kings Gold - demo Jan. 29, 2015
Great start, but wasd+c+v???
Developer response from team_moorland

Dear Snaks, you can also use the directional keys in single player mode!

Play Höme Improvisåtion Höme Improvisåtion Jan. 29, 2015
Shows you real life IKEA results and by the end of the day you're ready for Elite Dangerous too.
Play Back from the 80s! Back from the 80s! Jan. 29, 2015
No idea how many-eth time I see the same game spawned with a different title.
Play Escape Escape Jan. 29, 2015
Confusing. No idea what to do with the mirror room once I fix the chipped mirror. I often get trapped in the text and can't move. 4/5 though. Could be great.
Play Sytyke Sytyke Jan. 25, 2015
Play Chilean Simulator 2 Chilean Simulator 2 Jan. 20, 2015
Play Dead Rampage Dead Rampage Jan. 20, 2015
You can be hurt while in the shop. THe machine gun fires slower than your pistol. Oh... there is jump? These turned me away from the game after a few waves. Definitely has potential. :)
Developer response from AlekseiI

Yea some things are under works still :/ You can be hit in shop because its only there to let you have a few seconds to buy some ammo or health on the fly

Play Spiders Adventures - Act I Spiders Adventures - Act I Jan. 20, 2015
Climbed on top of the wall mountains and chilled in the secret valleys then jumped off the plain of existence. Still falling.
Play Space Destroyer Space Destroyer Jan. 20, 2015
Power ups bugged. ;)
Play First Fire First Fire Jan. 20, 2015
No enemy should be able to shoot back into the playfield from below. The wepon upgrades seem to be downgrading after the the 2nd upgrade. Feels good to play but needs so much more work.
Developer response from Danioulis

Thanks for playing, and thank you for your input, this is our first try at developing a game and I'm sure we have much to improve, keep an eye out for future releases, and again, thank you for the support!

Play Optimus Crossing Bridge Optimus Crossing Bridge Jan. 20, 2015
Bounce Optimus, bounce!
Play Spaceship Parking Frenzy Spaceship Parking Frenzy Jan. 20, 2015
What he said.
Play Black Bow Black Bow Jan. 20, 2015
1 star - because of the difficulty. Otherwise an excellent adventure!
Play Cureator Cureator Jan. 20, 2015
So red and green make yellow? :D
Play Idle Souls Idle Souls Jan. 20, 2015
Click boost looks bugged too.
Play Galaga Remake Galaga Remake Jan. 20, 2015
Bad file length error upon loading.
Play One Bit Johnny: The Space Avenger One Bit Johnny: The Space Avenger Jan. 20, 2015
Turning is waaaaaaaayyy too fast compared to thrusting forward (and shouldn't slow down with deceleration). This alone ruins the game. Then there are the other problems like insane knockbacks and pointless fighting against some enemies. Could be an enjoyable game.
Play Fighter War Fighter War Jan. 20, 2015
Is there an exotic shop button somewhere or was I collecting thingies for naught? :D
Play Idle Food Truck Idle Food Truck Jan. 20, 2015
Another fail after IV.