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Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Dec. 16, 2014
So I pay for overpowered, multishot guns the enemy to have? ;)
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Dec. 15, 2014
Tapper heroes.
Play Energoid Energoid Dec. 11, 2014
enemy regeneration is so fast that you are forced to repeat the same attack a dozen times over and over again to conquer one node. That is not right. Slightly confusing as I don't see which nodes send units and how many.
Play MurderShadow Alpha MurderShadow Alpha Dec. 11, 2014
Requires separate registration.
Play Wrestle Jump Wrestle Jump Dec. 11, 2014
The second badge felt like guessing a number between 1 and 10... 5 times in a row.
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Dec. 11, 2014
Meh... lag. No office gaming hours I see.
Play The Empty Kingdom The Empty Kingdom Dec. 09, 2014
Sailed off with another to a new kingdom. :) Thanks. :)
Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG Dec. 09, 2014
Great stuff Rocklou. I had major fun wandering about. Would buy if released. 5/5
Developer response from RockLou

Thank you very much! ^^

Play N3wton N3wton Dec. 02, 2014
This game is actually about the 3rd law not working.
Play Hover Bot Arena Hover Bot Arena Dec. 02, 2014
Level 3 bugged. Meh.
Play Scribble! Scribble! Dec. 02, 2014
Would help to mark the starting point. 80% of my time loss is finding mark one.
Play Pin Pong Pin Pong Dec. 01, 2014
Greatness! even though the ball sometimes moves funny and the screen tilt sometimes cheats off half a cm in my brain, I love the idea. Very nice. 5/5
Developer response from paxador

Yay! Give that brain some exercise :P Thanks for playing!

Play Boss Battle Extreme Boss Battle Extreme Dec. 01, 2014
F3--> "Fetal form of fun." give the upgrades some info, repair the bosses (boss 2 does nothing etc.) compensate for loss of income when one hitting earlier bosses, and this will be a fun little game. :)
Play Gun For Money DEMO Gun For Money DEMO Dec. 01, 2014
That was fun. :) I still don't know the 2nd guy's tell. :)
Play ToSpace ToSpace Dec. 01, 2014
Will wait till 2... I mean shooting was pretty much something I expected. :P
Play WIP Very Simplistic platformy thing WIP Very Simplistic platformy thing Dec. 01, 2014
Graphics has nothing to do with difficulty. This was amazingly frustrating. :D
Play MOTHBOTS MOTHBOTS Dec. 01, 2014
Loved it. I really wanted to find a sweet spot, but failed. :D Great stuff.
I want my CPU cycles back.
Play MLG Flappy Bird 420 MLG Flappy Bird 420 Nov. 27, 2014
The internet really needed another one of these.
Play MadBurger 3 MadBurger 3 Nov. 27, 2014
Maybe nerfs shouldn't stack. It's frustrating to get a lasso or a hand of cards when you are aiming with the revolver.