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Play Stellar Adventure Stellar Adventure Jul. 30, 2015
This is loads of fun. :) I miss a decent display space management, the sreens are all around the place. I wonder how it'd look like on my tablet. It's too early to comment on any contrent I'm only at the beginning of the adventure, but despite the rawness of it I am having a ton of fun. :) Well done. ;)
Developer response from dandeliongames

Thanks, hopefully more people share your opinion about this game. It'd look the same on your tablet though probably larger, it's available for Android . I don't think the kongregate version would run well in a browser on a mobile device, at least not a high end one. I'd like to release a version for Apple products too but at this point I can not.

Play Solar Danmaku Solar Danmaku Jul. 30, 2015
Slowest and laggiest bullet hell I've ever tried.
Developer response from BBStudios

Try it now. implemented some things to start dropping extra's in the graphics when the game start slowing down. It appears extremely stable now sitting at around 60 fps (delete key will show fps debugger). Thank you for your feed back

Play Space Upgrade Space Upgrade Jul. 30, 2015
Black screen for me too. The words "space" and "upgrade" are really a huge promise together, so I feel disappointed.
Finally. I am so out of here. :P
Play Space Flash Arena 2 Space Flash Arena 2 Jul. 23, 2015
update, if in a frozen mission I select menu and continue, the mission again runs for a second or so before freezing.
Play Space Flash Arena 2 Space Flash Arena 2 Jul. 23, 2015
Missions freeze and stop responding a few moments after start. Quick battles are ok.
Developer response from ShurikMur

Please can you explain that issue in details? What browser and version of FP you are using?

Play Mustache Attack Mustache Attack Jul. 20, 2015
That was such fun! Let me point my finger on you from behind my triple Rashomon, my moustache dudes. Hehehehe.
Play Prophet Prophet Jul. 17, 2015
I have the door bug too, after you go through the door, nothing happens.
Play Elements Elements Jul. 16, 2015
@omegareaper7: Thanks for the tip, will do. I guess you are right. After 75 won matches, mostly level2, stubbornly pushing with a monofire deck I can see an appeal to the game. It's still unlikely I'll return after I bag my quest, but I started wondering how it would feel trying other elements and mixed decks. If this game turned me towards card games it deserved recognition - given my dislike of the genre. ;)
Play Elements Elements Jul. 16, 2015
Suffering with this for the quest badge. As very non-card game player I see decent fun in this but the progression of points is otherworldly slow for a casual gamer. Can't say I hate it like some other card games out there, but I'll be glad once the grind for the badge is finally over.
Play Cookie Clicker V3.0 Cookie Clicker V3.0 Jul. 14, 2015
Play Sieger: Rebuilt to Destroy Sieger: Rebuilt to Destroy Jul. 13, 2015
First play, first level first not tuted shot. Castle crushed, and game keeps adding the points without end but being slower and slower. It's been minutes now. This can't be intended.
Play Gear of Defense 4 Gear of Defense 4 Jul. 09, 2015
Level 4. :P
Play Sentry Knight Conquest Sentry Knight Conquest Jul. 09, 2015
Meh... saving never finishes for me. :(
Play Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Jul. 08, 2015
Only I could kil the domino game this bad. I took a piece and while dragging it on the board managed to move the camera and drop the piece outside of the game area. Now it's unobtainable. :P
Play TheHardBanger TheHardBanger Jul. 03, 2015
Interesting Katakis rip, too bad that there is nothing to do after the first level.
Play Call of Spring Call of Spring Jul. 03, 2015
But why?
Play Guess Countries: Europe Guess Countries: Europe Jul. 01, 2015
That was fun. :)
Developer response from ArtamusGames

@Snaks Thanks for the nice comment :)

Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 30, 2015
So what's happening? I load the game and every level is called level 13, with 5 stars active and with 123 gold, and no upgrades. none of the levels load. :/
Play Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Jun. 29, 2015