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Play Entropy Entropy Jan. 03, 2010
Yah I'm not the best at explaining things. I'll try to give them a rewrite soon. Also thanks to everyone for the comments!
Play Entropy Entropy Dec. 17, 2009
Yes, there is a fair bit of randomness to it. There's a pattern, though! You can be very unlucky, yes, but that shouldn't be on average.
Play Entropy Entropy Dec. 15, 2009
You're right, technically. It gets tricky balancing everything around real-life though. So....fantasy atom gogogo.
Play Protector Protector Feb. 07, 2008
Not sure if anyone has said it, but it would be super nice if you could put the "End Game" button behind a menu, or make it need to be confirmed. Accidentally clicking it on wave 39 of 40 is not very cool!
Play Sproing! Sproing! Feb. 03, 2008
Fun physics to play with. Not too hard, 4/5.
Play Factory Balls Factory Balls Feb. 03, 2008
Nice and very intuitive. I liked the layered paint puzzles the most. 3/5.
Play Snowman Attack Snowman Attack Feb. 03, 2008
Yah, the upgrades didn't really do much. Average defense game.
Play The Unfair Platformer The Unfair Platformer Feb. 03, 2008
Nice take on the "Impossible" perspective. A bit too easy, still had some fun with it though!
Play filler filler Jan. 12, 2008
Zemlor, that game is called Jezzball. I too was reminded of it.
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Dec. 04, 2007
I had to break up the feud
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 27, 2007
I'll keep that in mind..hmm. Also, sage880...The difficulty is something I've been debating about since first releasing the game. I'm still convinced if you do it right you won't have any trouble. First, save up lives from the previous levels. Go slow. I mean really slow. Don't take any risks you don't need to, like entering one of the 4 paths it shoots the giant spikes while it's spinning. Build up a combo of at least 50 before you attack. And use your shield, especially near the end! I must thank you for your comments, and good luck if you choose to try again!
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 24, 2007
Just a random question. Whoever has reached the second bonus stage, do you think it would make a good stand-alone game? Revamped with more craziness, of course. And Serj, I recommend not to worry about points your first time around. I do expect people to lose until they realize what's going on. That second boss kind of takes a background knowledge of typical RPG *elements*. It might be a bit presumptuous of me, but congrats on defeating it anyway!
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 19, 2007
The bubbles won't show on arrows you've already hit on a previous round if you get a time out. You can sort of use this to see how far you got last time. As for the whirlpool, it's supposed to be you getting sucked in with no choice. It made sense in my head when I made it...
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 15, 2007
Well, there's ways to make it harder without changing time. Evil ways. And for 2nd boss, I didn't really want to make time an issue for it, because of all the randomness that can happen. What RPGs have timed boss fights anyway? Also, Zantier, the mechanical fish can be stopped by pressing shift again. I'm not really sure how to make it clear in the game, but yah, it works! Should make the last bonus slightly less hard.
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 14, 2007
Wow, a huge congrats to you on that. Maybe I need to make it more difficult ;p And I fixed that arrow covering part on the last stage, and a few random aesthetic changes. Rawr :D
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 14, 2007
Ah, that would be a problem. Both issues should be fixed now. Thanks Urchin and Zantier!
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 13, 2007
The timer settings are based on my personal round times plus a second or 2, so it's still giving the right amount of time. I have API statistics for quite a few things, including game complete (on easy and hard). It has only been a a few people that have completed it, but I think many don't feel compelled to improve. The normal setting really does feel quite easy once you're used to it, don't you think? I'd be curious how a badge would affect the ratings.
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 13, 2007
They're separate now, so I suppose you just use the drop down list to choose which version you want to see.
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 13, 2007
Yah, that was the intended idea for hard mode. Speaking of's now updated. And yes, it's hard. Enjoy. (Also, seems the highscores had to be flushed since they're not seperate. Sorry about that!)
Play Fish Quest Fish Quest Nov. 11, 2007
Looking at the highscore list, many people aren't getting too far... Ah well! A sequel? Maybe not very soon, but if there's enough demand...I guess it's possible...