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Play Braveheart Braveheart Apr. 12, 2013
Sadly, the game still has too many bugs to be considered for release. Is it possible to get past the 5th main level? There's a boss lightning mage on that stage and the stage ends when you kill it but it doesn't let you go any further. Also, clicking and dragging breaks the item scrolling as the game never lets go of the list. Single clicking above/below the items still works great. Much more polish is needed.
Play Braveheart Braveheart Apr. 12, 2013
Flail is a blast to use. I'm actually a little saddened you aren't using the old CGI animations because then it would make it far easier to make death animations for many rotations. Using the flail would be far more fun if the enemies consistently felt like they were getting knocked out by the flail hitting at that speed/angle.
Play Aqua Boy Aqua Boy Apr. 11, 2013
Ooh, well done. I was curious how I was going to know when one of the powerups was about to run out. Making a ring of powerup icons that surround the player then slowly wink out as the time runs down is a fantastic idea!
Play Hired Heroes Offense Hired Heroes Offense Apr. 08, 2013
Annie is broken. She is currently using the spawn level and cooldown time for the Swordsman. This means that before she's up to a full 9/9 (or whatever it is per level) you can spawn her at the full Swordsman level. It also means you can spawn out level 1 Annies super fast. Combined with a full 10% instant kill you can overwhelm anything that comes your way.
Play Conquerium Conquerium Apr. 01, 2013
Ah, the Boar is another great example. It has a level where it gains nothing then the next level it gains 20 armor. Why not just make it gain 10 for each level? sadly, the Boar is another that gains nothing at all when upgraded from 9 to Full.
Developer response from BerzerkStudio

Hey guy! Yeah we found that out last week, it's a display error, just not showing the upgrade you are getting . Thanks for checking in tho!

Play Conquerium Conquerium Apr. 01, 2013
Ah, for the love of all that is gaming, please make every single unit upgrade actually provide a bonus to that unit. If you need to reduce the bonus per level so that at Full it's exactly the same then do it. Otherwise you end up with stuff like the Mib'z gunman having at least two levels in a row with no stat bonus at all. The Mib'z gunman seems to gain nothing from 9 to Full as well. This is just silly.
Play [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon Mar. 10, 2013
It's a good thing you have time to refine your game still. You really need to create animations for walking left/right. It's a bit odd that the enemies can do that yet you can not. Lastly, it's possible to stealth kill the enemies by swinging from behind them, just far enough away to hit without being in their box. You can even get the first guy attacking you then run behind him and lose him.
Developer response from feartehstickman

Fixed mostly (you can still stealth kill some guys with some weapons).

Play [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon Mar. 10, 2013
Well, your game isn't resetting properly. The only enemies that respawn are the first and very last ones. All the doors close but they do not go dark again. You do not lose the keys from the doors after you die so you can go straight to the final room and get the flame sword. Heck, you can make it impossible to win by going from the flame sword to any other chest (assuming you didn't get those first).
Developer response from feartehstickman

Should be fixed.

Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 05, 2013
Sad hit detection. Quite often I'd not get a miss even though I clearly did not make any matches. I once had it decide it was a miss when I shot my next shot after a 10 second wait, then the new shot hit one of the incoming ring and counted as another miss. I even had it choose to count a BOMB shot as a miss a few times. It's impossible for a Bomb to not blow up any bubbles.
Play Cyclomaniacs Epic Beta Cyclomaniacs Epic Beta Feb. 26, 2013
Version .964 - Pudding level refuses to finish successfully. I've completed it with 10, 9 and 8 puddings left and it didn't once let me win.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Feb. 20, 2013
When you get summons out of chests they show up saying "Skill" over them. This is pretty confusing as they don't show up in the skills menu.
Play Qoosh Qoosh Jan. 21, 2013
Wow, quite a good game though I'm a bit disappointed how it's semi-cloning the story behind Portal, down to the "You escaped your bounds" scene. Thanks for not trying to stuff a Cake joke in.
Play Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes Jan. 12, 2013
I don't get how someone can spend so much time making something and still fail so miserably. This is not a game, it's not even a dress up game like the instructions claim. It's barely even interactive..
Play BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution (unfinished) BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution (unfinished) Nov. 17, 2012
Ah, that's much better. I guess the first time I missed that you could move the launcher around. I like how there is progression now instead of just having all the types thrown at you at the same time. That's making it far easier to keep track of the types and learn them.
Developer response from dragon_of_celts

Thanks. Adding animals as you go was suggested by simplegoogly (I think I would've ended up there eventually, given that the full-on nine is a nightmare unless you happen to be good at 10-key).

Play Outernauts Outernauts Nov. 13, 2012
Sorry guys but I'm voting no on this. You actually made it harder to play this game than it should be and failed to actually cause a good hook. I know the artwork is gorgeous, if only the gameplay and control scheme could be just as gorgeous.
Play BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution (unfinished) BouncyGiTD: Nyan Nyan Rawrvolution (unfinished) Nov. 06, 2012
I can't quite get where you are going with this. Currently, as you know, it is impossible. What I can't quite get is how you are ever supposed to hit any UFOs that are not straight over the pad. Only being able to launch one type of animal type at a time makes it quite confusing to try and launch anything at all. It would almost make more sense to have many different launchers and the cat presses the button for the launcher, not the type.
Play Fruit Hell Fruit Hell Nov. 06, 2012
*sigh* This game gets on my nerves quite fast. First off, there is no way to really know if you are going to get a decent bounce off of the cart or not. At first I thought it was due to how close to the center you caught them but I've had huge bounces off the sides. This is an issue as if you only get tiny bouncing guys you aren't going to be able to manage to keep up with the others jumping out. This is also an issue due to something I can only consider a gaping bug: If a fruit goes far enough they pass over the pool and splat onto the ground. This is an utterly fatal flaw in a game where you can't control the bouncing. It means you can do great and not miss a bounce and still fail.
Play Battlin' Balls Battlin' Balls Nov. 06, 2012
Interesting idea but I'm amused that the controls are so over responsive that playing as all four players the one that won was the one I controlled last. I died more often of wild bounces after hitting another players ball then I knocked them off.
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Oct. 31, 2012
Oh, apparently when you go to close out of the My Home screen you get the overlay for Storyline Quests that existed in Arkandian Crusader; the one with Five tiers called "Super Easy/Easy/Challenging/Difficult/Insane". I haven't seen it in game yet so I'm assuming it's a holdover from Act 1.
Developer response from undefined

Oopses, Thanks! I never even noticed that legacy screen sitting there. You're right it was left over from Chapter I since I modified the Chapter I source to re-add housing. Fixed in the 1.0.2 update.

Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Oct. 31, 2012
It should be possible to use a potion in your inventory from the "Toss/Keep" dialog simply by adding a "Use" option there for Potions. It would also be very nice to be able to sort the items by price to make it easier to always junk the cheapest items. I know I'm not the only one who tries to save up as fast as possible to get the bigger backpacks. Next, changing gear on your Tactical buddies is still frustrating as you have to leave the Equip screen and choose the new person, then go back in. Can't you simply add some left/right buttons along with a smaller version of the # icons? Lastly, it would be of great help to be able to get a compare box when hovering over a piece of gear in the equip screen. Having to constantly hover over one then the other to try and compare to gear pieces make no sense. It would be even more killer to be able to change WHO it compares against so you can find upgrades to your Tactical folks easier in dungeons.
Developer response from undefined

I'm going to look at what I can do about these ideas in a quick improvements patch prior to public release. :)