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Play Dream Symphony Dream Symphony Oct. 12, 2012
And here I was just counting sheep instead of jumping on them.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 26, 2012
If only it were this fun. *sigh*
Play The Ice Temple The Ice Temple Apr. 05, 2012
Looks like Link has some competition.
Play Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Jul. 11, 2011
How to clear all of Stranglethorn section at lvl 15.(Best to restart a new file I chose Rouge) First spend all skill points (talent points) on right magic skill tree every lvl up. That will give you pyro blast. Next put all next skill points in LEFT magic tree. You will eventualy get polymorph. Lastly Get three points in the RIGHT FURY tree you will get cold blooded. Using them in battle: First of all make sure you have ATLEAST 6 magic dust at all times. Next when in battle 1st use polymorph then activate cold-blooded then use pyroblast. Rinse and repeat. + this up to help non-grinders everywhere
Play Coaster Racer 2 Coaster Racer 2 Jul. 09, 2011
+ If you chose bike!
Play Notessimo Notessimo May. 18, 2011
why is it the kongregate ant thing keeps popping up after it disappears???
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution May. 15, 2011
Listening to why can't we be friends in domo-kun shootout equals epic win!
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game May. 13, 2011
trick for getting perfects on button machine: only works on internet explorer. first at the bottom right hand part of your screen (not anti idle screen) and set zoom 400%. it makes it easier trying to get perfect. + this up so everyone can see this.
Play Cardian Cardian Feb. 25, 2011
Great game, has potential. 4/5 that is until i read the tags and saw kissing for that 5/5
Play Xeno Defense Xeno Defense Jan. 16, 2011
Wait so these these things are wiping out humanity BUT a few pistol rounds can kill some of them???? I guess this is in an alternate reality where nobody has guns.
Play Dare Devil Dare Devil Apr. 29, 2010
woot first comment :D anyway great game 5/5
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 27, 2010
could some1 whisper me on how to get secret pet plz
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 23, 2010
ty soooooooo much tukkun for getting my data back
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 22, 2010
weird things are happening, like when i save, log out, log in it like erases every thing but my exp and coins and give me 80000 green coins, it says you have 212 achievements click here for your boosts, which is strange because i only have 142 achievements. (srry 4 long post)
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Apr. 20, 2010
hey tukkun how long does it take to get my data back? and if you cant just let me know so i can just start a new file. not trying to be rude
Play Stick Hero Idle 2 Stick Hero Idle 2 Apr. 19, 2010
wats better flower or ban hammer?
Play Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST Kongregate Avatar Creator CONTEST Apr. 19, 2010
how do u make requests?
Play Shields of Gemland Shields of Gemland Apr. 19, 2010
great game 5/5
Play Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Apr. 16, 2010
can u unlock more ships to be bought and if so how?
Play IncrediBots 2 IncrediBots 2 Apr. 16, 2010
wtf it wont load, just a gray screen