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Play Buzzle Buzzle May. 21, 2010
Unless I'm blind, this needs a level Reset button, instead of Exit & Save then restarting from the main menu
Play Heliguardian War Heliguardian War May. 20, 2010
Glitch in game: Activate your special weapon and pause the game right after. The special weapon effect will still happen while paused. Unpause and all the enemies are now dead
Play GT and the Evil Factory GT and the Evil Factory Aug. 16, 2009
could use a mute button for the music and SFX. The music gets a bit irritating after a while
Play Castlewars Castlewars Aug. 14, 2009
really should be able to get victory points for opponents quitting
Play CycloManiacs CycloManiacs Aug. 14, 2009
Reset data? WTH!?
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Mar. 02, 2009
VERY laggy and glitchy. I just came out of a match where I wasn't even controlling my own dino AND it was hovering in midair. Too often, nothing comes out of the weapon when we fire. I thought this was playtested extensively??
Play Death Dice Overdose Death Dice Overdose Feb. 06, 2009
Probably been said, but could use a Pause Button. Hard to play this game and still mod a room or continue IM conversations when you can't pause
Play Pyro Pyro Dec. 23, 2008
At Damijin and Ark's request, here's how to recover your saved game files from previous versions of Pyro to the current one: Open up your hard drive (Click My Computer, or you Mac HDD icon). On Windows, you might need to enable the See Hidden Files and Folders (go to Tools / Folder Options. Click the View Tab, and select the See Hidden Files and Folders). Now to navigate to the correct folder, follow the following path: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[randomalphanumeric]\chat.kongregate.com\gamez\0003\2758\live In there, you should have a bunch of Pyro folders. Look into the largest numbered folder you have (could be up to 6), and compare the file size to any of the others (your saved data should be the largest file) and Copy that file into the "Pyro" folder (no number). Refresh your game. You should have your saved data back
Play Mytheria Mytheria Nov. 14, 2008
Not sure your Damage Calculator at the end of each level works properly. Either that, or I'm not understanding how it calculates the damage done/taken
Play Idle 2.: Konquest Idle 2.: Konquest Nov. 14, 2008
Read the instructions: Instructions Click the Idle Bar to pause, and the . in "Idle 2." to save. Make sure you remember what your file is called xD And use the chat on the right to talk to people!
Play Hanna in a Choppa Hanna in a Choppa Nov. 06, 2008
Awesome Game? here's my lovely message ;)
Play Draw Draw Sep. 03, 2008
Need to be able to erase, change colours and size of the writing tool
Play Brute Wars Brute Wars Aug. 17, 2008
Possible Glitch? Whenever I reload a saved game, the Randomizer items I've purchased have disappeared
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Aug. 02, 2008
Either the Message box is too small, or the font is too large for the whisper interactive. Also, the message shouldn't be case sensitive. Whispering to "knightofra" or "KnightofRa" works the same way. (I don't know how hard that is to program though - maybe just add the fact that is doesn't need to be case sensitive?)
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Aug. 02, 2008
Gah, I hate having to write comments multiple times in a row... The Quiz is there in the No Sound version, but isn't there in the Sound version
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Aug. 02, 2008
And your Quiz disappeared. As well as, I think, the ban page being in the wrong place
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Aug. 02, 2008
*LOL*love the Speak & Spell voice over! But the B7 gets annoying (:
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Jul. 30, 2008
Explain how to change rooms. How to change your profile Avatar, view your points, badges, etc. Outline the Chat Behaviour Guidelines (or show them how to get to it). Same with the all famous "How to I become a mod?" question Explain what the Card Challenges are Can't see the Click Me button for the high score when I think of more things, I'll post another comment
Play New User Tutorial New User Tutorial Jul. 30, 2008
Things that should be added: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/modfriend/friends in the Moderator sections. Might help new users how to find mods that aren't in the same room. Also, explain what spam and flames are. I get that a lot when I tell people not to spam or troll. I also think (personally) that the gift at the end should be something different. *lol* I spend a lot of time in Scribbles with people spamming the less than sign to make faces. But that's the least of my concerns and the last thing I'd change about this
Play - Music in Motion - - Music in Motion - Jun. 12, 2008
Might want to fix the Level 4 glitch where you fall through the floor endlessly, somehow.