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5 hours ago

Great game, I am enjoying it a lot. Two things I believe could be changed (I have no idea of how possible is this or not, but dreaming is free you know). 1: It would be fantastic if one could buy convert runes; 2: It would be even more fantastic if both rood and hope were deducted after a battle has finished (either won or lost) and not before. Rea…

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Dec 19, 2014 4:01pm

:( y u mean

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Dec 19, 2014 12:28am

Sorry about posting it twice, the second was posted before you had given your first answer and was downvoted very fast. In any case excluding raid bosses which work fine, i’ve seen several quest chain bosses start fighting instead of their victory roar animation or such and in a few occasions if the boss has 1-2 mini-boss mobs with him they u…

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Dec 19, 2014 12:09am

Hello, just a question, is there any possibility that you could change back evolve ? as I’ve just realized it yesterday, when you evolve two cards when they have higher lvl, you get more % boost, about which I didn’t know earlier, which means my cards are much more weaker then they could be, is there any way you could turn it back, this…

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Dec 15, 2014 6:19am

“Of course your opponents will get tougher as you climb the rankings. If they were always around your level, then what would be the point in levelling up your disciples?” No doubt, but you shouldn’t be getting enemies with 4 NM cards at level 15… They are all people level 30+. Its not well balanced in my opinion

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dooku Dec 17, 2014 9:00am

Fixed – I no longer get all my matches against people with 4 NM cards. Now I get reasonable opponents, like around my level, some stronger, some weaker, some equal. I don’t know if it was …

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Dec 15, 2014 8:25pm

I sent a message asking for a reset on full arg.

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Dec 15, 2014 8:34am

as usual, you’ve missed my point completely. how many identical 4-star cards do YOU have, OTHER than the ones received as level-up rewards? in a week of playing i found ONE such card! how many YEARS would it take to find 3 others EXACTLY like it?

i personally despise games that sell RANDOM packs! i think it’s even worse than energy, whi…

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dooku Dec 15, 2014 11:06am

Its not that hard to get 4 star cards… I don’t know what spicy told you but I believe that you can easily get 4 star cards with raid bosses, buying them with Arena money, Red crystals, Vir…

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Dec 14, 2014 12:40pm

Lol this game if full of bug and you working on the gate 2? Nc

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Dec 8, 2014 9:00pm

the screenshots for your new up-and-coming Chains of Darkness looks amazing! I cant wait to try it out.

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Nov 28, 2014 7:05pm

what happened to big head bash?

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Nov 20, 2014 2:08pm

Hope you don’t mind if i return that BIG SPICY HUG

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Nov 14, 2014 5:56am

If game does not know the difference between a unity crash, and a user cheating by closing the app:
Wouldn´t it better to make a 5 minute delay until next battle could be started after a crash ?
This way player would not loose the few chances the play the game, and the cheater would be punished with delays

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Jun 13, 2013 6:20pm

Never-mind, It’s fixed XD. Also when I said I am not a girl, I just don’t know how to change to a boy in the game. Please respond!

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Spicyhorse Jun 13, 2013 11:12pm

Ummmm….. that was BHB right? You can get a male character in the shop for free, then you can play as him :)

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anthony865 Nov 5, 2014 12:52am

one year later I have no idea what game I am talking about or what I was saying…

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Nov 3, 2014 11:16am

im sorry,i might be a idiot,but what is a IE?

avatar for TEKAMAN

Nov 1, 2014 11:22am

Hi, Akaneiro is not working, i already clear the cache, and try only using the chrome for the game and no, the game simply crash.

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Oct 31, 2014 1:31pm

Hi spicyhorse i love this game and have been playing to alot but im having a hard time loading it now it starts off loading realy slowly to where it takes bout 5 mins to get to the end then it just sits there like its froze is there any thing i can do?

avatar for stufor213

Oct 25, 2014 8:35am

So, your game company fosters originality and excitement to the gaming industry? Did you forget every element of your game has been done before? When your game first came out, there was serious lag/fatal error issues which you denied and blamed on various browsers….people are still stating how lame it is your game crashes all the time over a …

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Oct 4, 2014 3:07am

i have a suggestion; for all of us who refuse to use IE (because regardless of it being “the official browser of hell” it is not useful for anything else) why not subtract hope at the completion or fail of a mission. especially on the event missions iv’e lost 45 hope on hitting start then choosing a friend and having it crash righ…

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xlordbelialx Oct 8, 2014 4:00am

i disagree but to each their own i wont use internet explorer ive had problems with it in the past (primarily due to active x) and i wont use it again chrome works fine for every game i have played pr…

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Dirty_PEET Oct 19, 2014 5:29pm

IE is absolute shit… enough said..

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zmxtcc Oct 20, 2014 4:31am

IE10+ are nice, but i can only use IE8 because of my XP system…so chrome will be better.

avatar for Dirty_PEET

Oct 19, 2014 5:26pm

your response to your crashing problem is to advise me to switch to the shittiest browser in existence, IE?? haha, no thanks…

avatar for DeathIsFunny

Oct 18, 2014 4:20pm

Thanks to responding to my comment. It is nice to see developers going back to check on there previous games. Most just release the game and leave it, not checking to see if there are any bugs to be fixed or people have questions. Love all your games please make more.

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Oct 10, 2014 10:41am

I am with Astorian; over the last 24 hours of play I have participated in 12 King Baphomet fights, 5 of which I DID land the killing blow as I received the message in my mail saying that I got the killing blow (along with equipment shards), yet my raid boss score has remained at 345. I have dropped in rank from top 400 to 1400 thanks to that.

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Sep 30, 2014 4:24am

Hello Spicyhorse,
I am not using IE for several reason just like most of people do around the world. Did you speacially developed “The Gate” for IE-use and if you have done so, why? IE is one of the insignificant browsers on the net, especially for gaming or complex designed websites beside the securitylacks of it. Thank you for your a…

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Seizan_7 Oct 7, 2014 11:54pm

Like I said in comment above, currently IE is better than Chrome (which was shit from day 1) and FF (which went to shit since version 17 or so). Or you could use some other Trident based browser. And …

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Oct 4, 2014 12:37pm

Fix the Mare bug Spicy where when you quit a Mare battle, your dead disciples don’t stay dead!

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Oct 3, 2014 2:36am

Hello Spicyhorse. New and active player here and i must say i love this game, “the gate”
however i thought id do some reasearch before i start playing to not make any mistakes in evolving.
it turns out i did not reasearch good enough because i have to request an unfuse.
i fused two Level 1 argestes Reading on forums it was the way to go…

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oldschool82 Oct 3, 2014 4:41am

nevermind i got a good thorough explanation how it Works now all good no need for help ill just keep on playing :)

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Oct 3, 2014 1:50am

i say i hate this game i mean the gate becuz every time i get in or log in i must installed the unity