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Play Logical Element Logical Element Jul. 28, 2015
puzzle with memory: 258b310a00200c0323d254109c4a07c1ef3afb6483068e70810040272ac9100d28c940300d759a4ccc56fcecf4e470d3e1ad3f8bcea5be
Play Logical Element Logical Element Jul. 28, 2015
Simple circuit with memory: 63606060606116e192e26098c8c2ca3097511600
Play Alpha Force Alpha Force May. 09, 2015
if you can't remove the pause after death, then could we have a hot-key to pause/unpause?
Play Glow Path Glow Path Apr. 14, 2015
the option to invert controls was helpful. I just couldn't get my head around the other way/
Play Slimey's Quest Slimey's Quest Dec. 19, 2014
Very elegant design. A well earned 5.
Play Dodge Dodge Nov. 06, 2014
I'm sorry I missed this the first time around. Thank you Badge of the Day.
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure May. 30, 2014
The game should ensure that at least 1 solution exists on the chest levels. I dislike having to redo an entire level because there was no way to open the chest first time around.
Play Road Warriors: Biker Brawl Road Warriors: Biker Brawl Apr. 19, 2014
It's a good start, I'd just like to see some goal and/or sense of progression.
Developer response from Dooleus

I am adding new levels and enemies, and have plans for a final boss fight as well. Thanks for checking out this early version!

Play Macs Speed Macs Speed Apr. 15, 2014
on level 3 you need to pick up speed to penetrate the boundry
Play Take to Heaven Take to Heaven Feb. 10, 2014
nice start
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Nov. 30, 2013
That's a lot of blood for zero damage.
Play Bazzy worm Bazzy worm Oct. 11, 2013
Game crashed and I lost my progress.
Play Challenge Your Eyes Challenge Your Eyes Feb. 27, 2013
You should use the bounding box of the symbol for the target of the mouse click. Right now it is too easy to miss if your click doesn't hit one of the lines on the symbol.
Play Splode Splode Feb. 09, 2013
It is a beautiful game, but it is in need of more and more varied gameplay. There was obviously great care put into this and it's a shame to see it fail to live up to its potential.
Play Ze_Doctor Ze_Doctor Dec. 10, 2012
Desperately needs a way to reset a level. That way even if things get messed up (as they will at this point in the design process) the tester isn't forced to reload the page. I found myself hopelessly stuck in a wall on the second level, the attack button seemed to do nothing and I'm unsure what the blue number at the top of the screen means. Keep at it and I'm sure these problems can be overcome.
Play Virus collider Virus collider Dec. 10, 2012
Its a unique idea with potential. I found aiming the green viruses at the boss difficult.
Developer response from Veebi

Thanks, yeah it usually works if you bounce them off the sides, but the hitboxes seem a little buggy on the boss

Play Stream Master Unlimited Stream Master Unlimited Dec. 10, 2012
As many previous posters have said, it is far to easy for a single slip to ruin your attempt. This isn't the sort of difficulty that most people find rewarding to overcome. Basing the score on time taken might be a better choice. Minor mistakes would still cost the player, but not necessarily force a reset if the player is quick enough and can see the solution.
Play Geant Magic Tree Geant Magic Tree Oct. 14, 2012
This game needs some sort of feedback for the player. The only indication that something went wrong is when you have to restart.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie

Already, I commend you to do 4. I try to make games based on feelings, emotions only. My goal is that the tree seems a mirage exciting, but difficult to reach. I hope that the experience will not be too displeased you.

Play Doodle Complete Doodle Complete May. 08, 2012
There are major problems with the controls. I can't beat level 2 because most of my L shapes are rejected. I Like the concept, but right now I find the game unplayable.
Play Cold Awakening 2 Cold Awakening 2 Oct. 26, 2010
The boss seems to use up my flamethrower ammo when attacking.