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Play The Space Game: Missions The Space Game: Missions Jul. 27, 2014
I like how the difficulty of this game stems from it's own crappy flaws.. You have you built your base in a way where the failed-targeting system of your own turrets destroy the PROPER enemy at the right time.. 2/5
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Jul. 26, 2014
Game needs a hyper-restart button, that instantly restarts the song just by pressing it.. Would make the game much less frustrating when you mess up.
Play Kingdoms CCG Kingdoms CCG Jul. 23, 2014
Great, another run-of-the-mill card-based MMO that won't let me get the hard badge until I've played 300 hours worth of game play to get a single item I need to actually complete the badges... What a joy..
Play Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Jul. 22, 2014
No double jump, yet there's constantly levels where jumping once in the air will not help you evade enemy attacks while trying to retreat, automatic homing attacks that let you target an enemy on a platform but won't let you get ON the platform while attacking him, and the only way to defend yourself is by abusing game mechanics.. .. Yes... The bullshit is strong with this game..
Play Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Jul. 22, 2014
The respawn button is broken.
Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Jul. 21, 2014
Good balanced game, crappy "middle finger salute" ending to the player, though.. If you're gonna have such a tiny plot the player has to force himself to be interested in, a sad ending's not exactly the best way to reward that effort.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Jul. 18, 2014
for anyone struggling with the impossible badge, there are forums on kong dedicated to helping with it.. Here's the jist.. 1) Use archer, 2) Choose Act 3, on suicide difficulty, 3) Never use your gold, HORDE IT. 4) choose the perks "Sniper" and "runner".. 4) Kill all enemies in the first few stages but don't take too long, and in later stages, avoid taking too much time to hunt down everything, and in the last stage, get as many kills before taking down the boss. Hope this helps, and good luck!
Play Areas Areas Jul. 10, 2014
This game has good values, making you strategize and combine some auras to complete tricky levels, but to compensate for it's lack of everything else, it has some levels that are almost completely luck-based, even if you know how to beat them, if more than 2 white areas get too close to eachother, you're pretty much automatically dead unless you can isolate a new one and just pray it gives you a powerup you need.
Play Desktop TD Pro Desktop TD Pro Jul. 08, 2014
I've very extensively searched around for guides, hints, and FAQS to beat SA4, and none of them ever mention a possibility to beat it without juggling, or some other border-line cheating method.. .. Really speaks volumes about this game's quality..
Play Desktop TD Pro Desktop TD Pro Jul. 05, 2014
This game is flawed on two fronts. 1. The upgrade towers do NOT increase the attack of nearby towers by a percentage. 480 increased by 100% IS NOT 640. Apparently either the developer sucks at math, or maybe it's only increasing the tower's base attack or something.. 2. The squirt towers are pretty much the only thing ever needed to beat all the levels.. All the other towers are seemingly useless when compared to the squirt tower in matters of attack, upgrade cost, and fire rate, so there's no reason to use any other tower, making this game overly simple once you've learned that trick.
Play Frantic Frantic Jul. 02, 2014
My personal tips to anyone trying for the impossible badge. DONT SKIP LEVELS, buy both money upgrades ASAP, then save up for the reload speed, and firepower, then sell the money upgrades and get the wingman and permanent first upgrade. The bosses will die 2x faster, leaving you with less time to mess up and more time to WIN.
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix Jul. 01, 2014
Some parts of the game bear a wrather unoriginal resemblance to mario games. some of the moving platform jumps, the way the boss dies, ect. Beyond that, I love the flow of this game. Always makes me wish sonic was like this.
Play Closure Closure Jun. 30, 2014
The collision physics are rage-inducing.. 2/5
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Jun. 18, 2014
2/5 for forcing the player to grind dozens of levels just so they can level up enough to hard badges.. Forced grinding is not the sign of a good game.
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Jun. 15, 2014
That moment when you dodge a fuzzle's charge, but he pings off a sharp doing a perfect 180 and eating you anyway.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 Jul. 22, 2013
This game has really nice upgrades and I like the new enemies.. But the pace of completing levels is just too painfully slow.. Once I finish the hard badge, I'm out.. 3/5
Play Dillo Hills Dillo Hills Jul. 21, 2013
The soundtrack reminds me of sky odyssey, which really got me focus in the game, and made the whole "trying to fly" concept that much more fulfilling. 5/5
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Jul. 20, 2013
Some of the sound-effects for this game are a little absurd, like the potion-using sound being a dog lapping up water?? Or the no-damage-hit sound being someone hitting the hood of a car with a pipe?..
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Jul. 20, 2013
What the heck is wrong with the aspect ratio/resolution? Half of the screen to the right is cut off.
Play The Love Letter The Love Letter Jul. 20, 2013
Lol, this game is cool.. I get to be a popular kid AND the game has stealth elements? 5 stars. XD