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Play Trapped in Life Trapped in Life May. 06, 2011
Uhm, yeah... any resemblance to existing games and/or companies is purely coincidental ;)
Play Trapped in Life Trapped in Life Mar. 06, 2011
Thanks for your comment, Danaroth. You are absolutely right. I had to rush a lot of stuff to finish the game for the contest so it's still a little rough. A few things are still work in progress but I'm not sure if I will put more effort into this game or start over and make a sequel. I had a ton of cool features that didn't make it into the game and it would be pretty hard to add them now. Also the game architecture is quite a mess because I had no clue how to use Unity XD. But I've learned a lot during the development and many things could be improved if I start from scratch. Geenf11: Thanks a lot. Glados and Hal where the main inspiration for the AI. I've been working on a similar voice and will add it, as soon as I'm satisfied with the outcome. It's just really hard to create an artificial voice that doesn't sound too annoying :) brucelee2000: No, You can not save. The game only remembers your subject number. If You quit the game, You have to start from the beginning.
Play Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Feb. 23, 2011
The game works on my pc but won't load on my mac. Just a black screen. Anyone else had this problem? All the other unity games work.
Play Trapped in Life Trapped in Life Feb. 21, 2011
Wow, no idea how that happened. At least you got the score for escaping the room ;)
Play Trapped in Life Trapped in Life Feb. 19, 2011
I've uploaded a game guide with basic explanations and some hints. Look it up if you're stuck or just want know what the hell is going on. You can find the link in the update section.
Play Star Wanderer (Stjernevandrer) Star Wanderer (Stjernevandrer) Feb. 18, 2011
I really liked it but a few more puzzles would be great. The atmosphere is really good. It's a bit similiar to the game I made. Check out my profile if You'd like to have look :)
Play Trapped in Life Trapped in Life Feb. 15, 2011
Thanks for the comments. I will try to fix the bug and add a bit more explanation today. Seems to be too hard right now. And there is not really a 'goal' to it. It's more of a weird experience :) By the way, if You keep the water in your room You will die pretty quick. Imagine doing that at your house. Wouldn't be very healthy, I guess :D