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Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Apr. 11, 2013
played the game a while ago and it worked fine, now it freezes to white screen when i get knocked out
Play Accelerator Accelerator Apr. 09, 2013
Is there an issue with the badges? Thought it might be difficulty but I got over 300 speed on easy medium and hard and didn't get a badge...
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Oct. 25, 2012
"Hey look, my next quest is that thing I just did 10x in a row and can't seem to do again." AAARGH!
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge May. 21, 2012
Oh man, being able to disable some of the upgrades sure would make the achievements easier... I'm moving so fast I can't even see what's going on.
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly Apr. 18, 2012
Cleared in 19 days, twice... 19 days is not less than 19 days, guess I'll just kill myself.
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Mar. 18, 2012
Small nitpick: how about not going to the shop after every round when i have all the upgrades?
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Mar. 17, 2012
On wave 65 of survival thinking "Hope I die soon, I'm getting bored."
Play Master of Fortresses Master of Fortresses Aug. 27, 2010
All of the enemies are out of range for my shots and they're shooting at an already destroyed building so i have to quit the level...
Play Solipskier Solipskier Aug. 13, 2010
Seems to be randomly generated which is super-cool, but makes comparing scores kind of useless... Also, makes the badges needless complicated or ridiculously easy...
Play The Final Death Wish The Final Death Wish Jun. 01, 2010
Game freezes on lvl 25 usually right about when the last baddie comes out, I've even tried different browsers, HELP!
Play The Last Frontier The Last Frontier May. 27, 2010
Something's wrong here "Towers lost 6" uh... there's only 4 towers, not to mention i only lost 2 and that was several rounds ago... making the game impossible when i lose points for towers i don't even have...
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 24, 2010
Spent way too long getting the hard badge, must have been fun if i did though. 5 stars! 14 was by far the hardest for me, ended up winning by having 3 maxed towers at the entrances on each side (ballista fearful and beholder on one side, 2 ballistas and a beholder on the other) and hitting the last ninja with 5 meteors
Play Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Apr. 14, 2010
Easy and short, but fun. Like the concept.
Play Creeper World Training Sim Creeper World Training Sim Apr. 10, 2010
That was a blast, spent 62 minutes just to beat bowl!
Play 4 Differences 4 Differences Feb. 06, 2010
Game completed, like others no badge.
Play 99 Bricks: the Legend of Garry 99 Bricks: the Legend of Garry Sep. 04, 2009
I can only discard 1 piece no matter how many I've upgraded to... Bug?
Play CycloManiacs CycloManiacs Aug. 18, 2009
Had a trouble with a few of the achievements, but the only one I'm finding impossible is the very last one, first place on the moon :(
Play CycloManiacs CycloManiacs Aug. 16, 2009
Was up to 42/70 achievements yesterday, today i get on and my save data is gone :( Guess i'm done.
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Jul. 17, 2009
BAH! I can do it in 4 every time.
Play Super Stacker 2 Super Stacker 2 Feb. 10, 2009
If anyone completes the impossible badge, I'd like to buy some of whatever drugs you're on.