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Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 10, 2014
@basod cumulative, reset at about 2x or 3x what you already had
Play Idle God 3 Idle God 3 Jul. 12, 2014
Age of war music!
Developer response from belgarionriva

Nope, it's a remix! =)

Play Car Crash Simulator 2013 Car Crash Simulator 2013 Aug. 31, 2013
I had a play around with it and it was a bit of fun, although it definitely needs work. It's a really nice concept. In the custom stage the background suddenly turns black and it lags. It needs sound effects, a main menu and different car colours and weights would be nice. First of all though removing the black screen problem is a must. As I said nice concept, just needs to be polished and expanded upon. Good job.
Play Spatial Spatial Jun. 09, 2013
5 v 5 in spatial - the true meaning of micro management
Play Accelerator Accelerator Jan. 26, 2013
for some reason I find it easier to play listening to the national anthem of the soviet union. I powerful as I sing along in russian.
Play War Aircraft Jigsaw War Aircraft Jigsaw Jan. 21, 2013
It does need more picture but otherwise it is a nice relaxing puzzler.
Play Mario Logic Mario Logic Jan. 21, 2013
Nice game, should add more modes like time trail and least clicks.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Nov. 08, 2012
It has the kind of name my maths teacher would give it!
Play Accelerator Accelerator Nov. 07, 2012
Try flying left handed! (if you left handed play with your right)
Play Accelerator Accelerator Nov. 03, 2012
Maybe the sphere has inertial dampeners to absorb the forces
Play Accelerator Accelerator Oct. 26, 2012
Impossible badge for getting 1500 would be nice!
Play Accelerator Accelerator Oct. 19, 2012
One second is a very long time in this game...
Play Cube Murder Cube Murder Jul. 23, 2012
The box does not always fire from the reticle and also sometimes the box goes through the wall. This game would benefit from a main menu and more block structures to destroy.
Developer response from xKripz

We are trying to fix this bug and we are also working on more levels and a menu. More features to come in the near future.

Play You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 Apr. 04, 2012
Nice game. It would be interesting if you could choose how they drove, aggressive or passive. Are thay good at driving or not. That would make it a very good game :)
Play Pixel Zen Pixel Zen Mar. 28, 2012
press escape to add more pixels to your universe. Mine has 10000
Play Super SOPA Bros. Super SOPA Bros. Jan. 19, 2012
Howcome the floor isn't censored? :)
Play Gravitee 2 Gravitee 2 Jan. 18, 2012
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 10, 2011
I keep on escaping and its ruining my scores. can you fix it?
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 07, 2011
Yer I think that you should be locked to your username
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 07, 2011
There is a problem where if you type in the name of an other player you can play as them. So you could improve someone elses score and they might not like that. Maybe instead your name is the kongregate username and that would advoid people playing as another person.
Developer response from TenebrousP

I've already put the Kongregate username thing in for brand new users, but I haven't locked it to that user id - do you think I should?