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Play Ice Cream Truck Parking Ice Cream Truck Parking Sep. 17, 2013
way to easy.... also a map would be usefull
Play Falling Elephants Falling Elephants Apr. 30, 2013
The music really make made day...
Play  Cobra Squad 2 Cobra Squad 2 Feb. 15, 2013
why the hell this game made to the front page???
Play Shaker of Mix Shaker of Mix Jan. 19, 2012
I feel sleep after a minute.. there must be something better to do..
Play Ani's Noodle House Ani's Noodle House Jan. 13, 2012
game2girls should be banned from this site!
Play Airport Madness 4 Airport Madness 4 Jan. 13, 2012
nice game, but I hate demos
Play Death Office Death Office Jan. 12, 2012
too many levels depends of all luck... but is a nice idea...
Play Moo Cab Moo Cab Jan. 12, 2012
Yeah.. I played this when I was about ten on the Commodore 64.. :) nice remake
Play Advanced Combat Advanced Combat Jun. 03, 2011
Ok esc works.. my bad....
Play Advanced Combat Advanced Combat Jun. 03, 2011
mouse wheel on flash is not a good idea... esc doesn't work on flash!
Play The Chosen Tribe The Chosen Tribe May. 30, 2011
firefox freeze between every shot.. nice graphics, need to get a way to know how was your last shot (angle, force?)
Play Garotas da Moda Garotas da Moda May. 30, 2011
good start.. just allow the user to select several movements in sequence.. and also translate it to english ;)
Play Trois Trois May. 29, 2011
@nitku.. the gameplay is from a game call chuzzle.. too bad there is no point in this game, like in the real one...
Play TowerJumper TowerJumper May. 27, 2011
Obviously, I will get lucky if it's get a two
Play Breakfast in the Morning Breakfast in the Morning May. 27, 2011
and the game is?????
Just funny... nothing more...
Play Boxing Live Boxing Live May. 31, 2010
just plain horrible...
Play Poker Match Poker Match Jul. 07, 2008
straights and full should be in order?? 1/5
Play Bowja the Ninja 2 (In Bigman's Compound) Bowja the Ninja 2 (In Bigman's Compound) Jun. 30, 2008
music anoys me.. no mute?? 2/5
Play Encounter Encounter Jun. 26, 2008
terrible bad. And maybe stolen? and there is nothing to do in the first 3 waves???!?!