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Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 24, 2015
L A G Completely ruins this game...
Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 05, 2013
I get the feeling that the last levels are much much easier that the ones in the middle of the game :)
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 06, 2012
Jackson should insta-kill Bieber ;]
Play Ninja Warz Ninja Warz Sep. 22, 2012
What i don't like in this game are archivement you have only 1 chance to get (like win first 10 fights). defeat Genbu only with food weapons ect.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 29, 2012
4/5 for the game (more fields would be nice, because farming the same ones so many times can get boring), 1/5 for deleting my save with every upgrade bought ;]
Play Cover Orange Players Pack 3 Cover Orange Players Pack 3 Jul. 08, 2012
The hard badge description is inaccurate;] It should be beat level 50
Play 3 Slices 2 3 Slices 2 Jun. 23, 2012
If someone has problems with hard badge here is some info of how much I was able to get on each lvls: lvl2 80%. lvl5 92%, lvl 14 31%, lvl15 58%, lvl16 82%, lvl17 33%, lvl18 67%, lvl19 71%, lvl20 52%, rest 100% = 1666%
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 16, 2012
Dunno why, but the game sometimes suddenly starts lagging in the middle of level (usually when im in mid air) ;/
Play Decision Decision May. 26, 2012
One thing I would change is option to speed up building modification/change when all zombies are already killed
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 08, 2012
I'm a star at Juve with average rating over 9,5. We won all that could be won and now they want to sell me to Trpani which is 17th in ITA PRO B (lowest italian league)? WTF?
Play New York Shark New York Shark Mar. 17, 2012
I want MUTE button...
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Mar. 05, 2012
Two tips for those who are terrified by the amount of grinding required by this game. 1. Don't buy 2nd duck, 1 is enough 2. It seems that some trainings give more lvls than others. Grasslands 2nd, Swamp 1st, Mountains 1st+3rd, Glacier 2nd and City 2nd+3rd. I felt that i saved a lot of time skipping the other trainings and focusing on the mentioned ones
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 11, 2012
Why is there option to choose chinese, japanese, arabian or indian if they are not supported (everything is in english when we choose it?) ;]
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 11, 2012
I would like to see something like a free mode where you can go for a record :)
Play LethalRPGDestiny 2: Conquest LethalRPGDestiny 2: Conquest Dec. 02, 2011
The ending was a bit dissapointing. From the moment you can build shrine (and building it at every building spot) you can 1-shot every enemy with the last skill in a skill-tree - I was expecting a little more challenge :(
Play Town of Fears Town of Fears Nov. 02, 2011
Damage notification is too slow. In longer fights (like the boss fight) its unable to keep up and after you change character you still see notifications from the last fight. Problem would dissapear if few boxes could appear at the same time or maybe just make them float faster
Play Accelerator Accelerator Oct. 24, 2011
I would put start button in place of scores button. After game the cursor would be on it and doubleclick after crash would put us instantly into next game
Play Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Sep. 16, 2011
Good game. One thing i would change is the in-game achievement window. One row with 3 achievements visible at a time doesn't look too good and finding what you want is really time consuming ;(
Play Protector IV.V Protector IV.V Apr. 27, 2011
When upgrade window is open, would be cool be able to change units. Its annoying when you have 10 units to upgrade and you have to close upgrade window, click next unit, open upgrade window, upgrade and so on...
Play Zombie Tower Defense 5 Zombie Tower Defense 5 Apr. 18, 2011
Would be nice to see the tower stats