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Play Super Villainy Super Villainy Apr. 26, 2012
Great game! The fuzzball minions are cute but don't really fit the style of a black armor wearing jet pack Gatling-gun guy. lol
Play Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Mar. 07, 2012
Whats going on Kongregate??? This is a very highly rated game with 4 badges and is part of a badge quest and yet you guys haven't fixed it since December 2011??? Its been nearly 3 months. . .
Play Feed the King Feed the King Feb. 20, 2012
Why is everyone calling them muffins? Wouldn't they be cupcakes?
Play Rocket Panda Rocket Panda Feb. 15, 2012
Love this song! Where can I find the lyrics?
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Dec. 06, 2011
Just yesterday when trying to play the game I got an error message that said I would need to refresh then when the game loaded again I got a message in red letters across the top of the game that says: "We have detected that you are trying to hack the game. Any future attempts to hack will result in a permanent ban and the loss of your base." I wouldn't even know how to hack the game. This has got me scared though because I don't know what caused it and I don't want to loose my game. Anyone have any ideas?
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode Nov. 17, 2011
Great job with this game! Lots of fun. There should be a badge for 130% completion!
Play Flagstaff: Chapter Four Flagstaff: Chapter Four Nov. 10, 2011
This is a great addition to the series and it deserves badges just as much as the other ones. I hope you keep them comeing!
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Nov. 08, 2011
Seriously! I love this game but why haven't you fixed the G key to help your companion yet???
Play Dirk Valentine Dirk Valentine Sep. 30, 2011
Nitrome games are generally awesome. Especially ones like this and Ninja Zero. I cant understand why none of them have badges. They are much better then a lot of the games that do.
Play Frontier Frontier Jun. 09, 2011
Evok: Its is simple to attack a town. Every time you arrive at a town you have the option of entering or "Battle". You simply click the battle button to attack the town. Towns are tough though so you better be very strong before you attempt it. The first time i tried I had a full crew of 4 plus myself in a vanguard and every one was equipped with chain mail and long swords or better and barely won.
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Apr. 12, 2011
This game is great but the lack of a save feature is ridiculous!!!! How many people are going to be able to just keep their browser on this game page long enough to get very far in the game?
Play RoboBlast RoboBlast Apr. 17, 2010
Awesome game! 5 stars. I can’t wait for badges! A little note to the creator. I noticed that in the Enemy Database the Shieldbot Deflector has the same description as the Nuke Tank. Also I always appreciate it when games give you separate control to disable music and sound effects because I like to have the sound effects on but listen to my own music.
Play Final Ninja Final Ninja Mar. 29, 2010
Really cool game. I think I saw this on another site some time ago. Glad to finaly see it on Kongregate and hope there will be badges soon.
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 27, 2010
Awesome game! Love this kind of thing. Just now finially managed to beat it in less than 8 min. Love to see some more stuff like this from you. Keep it up!!!
Play Balloon in a Wasteland Balloon in a Wasteland Feb. 13, 2010
I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying. Very cool concept and style, and very fun but WAYYY too easy. You are not really in much danger at all. If you go up into your fort you are perfectly safe and can just sleep while the monsters go by. The monsters don’t even attack the fort so I’m not sure why there is the ability to repair it. Really like this but it needs to be made a LOT harder. It is such a cool concept I am giving it 4 stars anyway. I’d give it 5 if it was more challenging.
Play 4 Differences 4 Differences Feb. 08, 2010
Wow! Beautifully done game! I am a fan of yours as an artist and a game maker equally.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 11, 2009
Play Vector Effect Vector Effect Jun. 25, 2009
Really like this. Some improvements on Geometry Wars to be sure. However the bullets seem to be pretty slow even at max speed upgrade. Definitely fun though.
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Apr. 28, 2009
Holy friken crap! Took stinking long enough for this to show up on Kongregate. And now that I am done bitching. . . YAY! I shall do the dance of joy!
Play Guns n Angel Guns n Angel Mar. 04, 2009
Cute little girl with pink pig tails blows the crap out of endless horrible monsters. Whats not to love about that! Love the designs. One complaint I have right off the bat it that the scroll button feature isn't working out to well for me because it also scrolls the window and I immediately can not see the game. Not sure this is a function of the game or the settings of my browser or something.