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    A faraway land in the Milkyway!
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I am The Adventurer of the Milky Way, A explorer that saves all from trouble in the galaxy! And changes forms whenever I land on a planet to help. I am a strange mixture of human and the creature you humans called “Alien”, Like I said, I change forms to the popular race of the planet I land on. I’ve been though some tough times. Like 3 centuries ago when this earth has a slight war which, If I’m correct, the United States of America was trying to gain it’s independence( From “Great” Britain?). I was busy saving the land of Hyrule(I was in Link’s body, where’s the disclaimer?… Oh screw it, I have MY copyrights in MY hands!) with so called, “Magic” and just 3 decades ago when I was inside a computer saving it(There was another planet with advanced computers, so don’t THINK about complaining about that!). I don`t (A computer game! FINALLY I don’t have to worry about copyrights!) remember the proper name of the computer, But I remember it was in a depressed mood. VERY depressed to be exact. So the computer was kinda like a extremely depressed… I’m not sure, But a depressed something. I had many names, Like in Hyrule my name was Link. But I seem to stick to my hylian(Yes, That’s Link’s race!) name. I don`t know why, but I know that it really shocks me. (And oh, that age thing is fake, I`m 2000 years old.)Speaking of Cloud, I was in his body once, That does NOT mean I`m super emo! Square (I actually hate emos) just made me look bad, how long ago? When St. Patrick was around, almost 1600 years ago. When I was only 400. I just wish I had a teleporter for this rather fine and ahead of the time Earth, But that’s just too expensive…… I can chat ACROSS THE GALAXY though!

My roleplay characters:
Thomas Bright is a professional surgeon around the time of the epidemic. Although he has short term memory about everything except for how to do many surgeries, and the daily news. So he remembers that the epidemic is happening, that is the only reason he lives. Statistics: Age: 34. Profession: Surgery. Height: 6’2. Weight: 195 Lbs. Hair: Dirty Blonde. Clothing: Fire-Proof surgery uniform and occasionally a sergeants army coat. Common vehicle: Ambulance, for work reasons. Weapon: Surgery knife, Assault Rifle.

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