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Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Nov. 24, 2012
hehe.. tri hunting monster monster hunter tri
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Nov. 12, 2012
Will this ever be MP?
Developer response from LilleJohn

Highly unlikely

Play Dino Run Dino Run Aug. 05, 2012
I hate how you can't see anything when the lava comes :\
Play Cloudstone Cloudstone Aug. 04, 2012
Judging by the comments on the poor energy system, and the P2W style, I didn't even want to play this game.
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Aug. 04, 2012
@licht, press I to open your inventory, click the knife to equip it.
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Aug. 03, 2012
Tip: to reduce lag, save your game and then load it right after.
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Aug. 03, 2012
This is quite an amazing game. But, if you type in a negative value in the shop, you get free money.
Play Bunny Invasion 2 Bunny Invasion 2 Aug. 03, 2012
This game is fun, but it's way too hard.
Play Boxhead: The Nightmare Boxhead: The Nightmare Apr. 13, 2012
I like how you've taken what used to be a great game and ruined it by making us pay real money for stupid shit.
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Dec. 27, 2011
I know you must be getting shit about it 24/7 since it happened.. But I am starting to lose faith in this game; thinking it will not be back up again.
Play Spikes Tend to Kill You Spikes Tend to Kill You Jul. 19, 2011
This game is soooooooo addictiiiing.
Play Unreal Flash 3 Unreal Flash 3 Jul. 10, 2011
It's a little annoying with spawn kills. I feel we should get a 3 second invincibility period after being killed. And the teleporters are a little broken too.
Play ShellShock Live ShellShock Live Jul. 06, 2011
I think status ailments would be a good addition to the game. Say for example, a small clustered ball of yellow shots that would immobilize the tank for one turn, but do no damage. Or an anvil that would cause confusion. making your movement sparatic.
Play ShellShock Live ShellShock Live Jul. 03, 2011
I think we should have status ailments. Say, a weapon called the duster. It shoots a ball of dust, and upon impact fogs up the player's screen. Or a weapon called the anvil, which can be shot, but doesn't go far. When it hits a player, their movement will be all messed up, as if they are confused.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Jun. 25, 2011
It dun be broke.
Play unstoppaball unstoppaball Jun. 24, 2011
I really like how you can fall from a section, and land on another one and continue from there.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 21, 2011
this game gets pretty god damn annoying.
Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 20, 2011
Shit we should be able to confirm our purchases, I tried to turn the page in sleigh menu and accidentally bought the bobsleigh.
Play Hungry Sumo Hungry Sumo Jun. 11, 2011
I love the animation.
Play Dino Run Dino Run May. 29, 2011
Wow this game can be really fun, or really fcking cheap.