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Play ... :D ... :D Jun. 08, 2013
Needs hats.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Dec. 01, 2012
Very enjoyable. Just a bit short.
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords Sep. 26, 2012
Muuuuuuute! Eurgh...
Play Mindy in Zombieland Mindy in Zombieland Apr. 18, 2011
Nice artwork and concept, except I didn't think the music choice was appropriate. Didn't experience any lag. I thought the puzzles were lacking.
Play Mitoza Mitoza Feb. 28, 2011
So, 37 endings: boo!, applause, hex, sandwich, massage, poo dessert, chopsticks, portal, daredevil, gluttony, dentistry, supermario, cherry dessert, shepherd, pumpkin bomb, advert, kernel, elephant-hive, bee bath, teddy love, teddy hate, super-snot, super-sniff, matryoshka, stampy, rain sink, lightning, abduction, hogroast, ice cream, carrot rocket, carrot bubble, middle cup, suicide, paper airplane, tongue pin and trapdoor (my own nomenclatures).
Play Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Feb. 07, 2011
Whether it was 7,000 or 7,000,000 years ago, there still weren't any dinosaurs. They were all gone around 65,000,000 years ago. But who cares? It's cute!
Play The Complete IQ Test The Complete IQ Test Jan. 02, 2011
How unsurprising - an idiot dissing IQ tests. First, IQ stands for intelligence "quotient", not quota. Second, the multiple spelling mistakes, poorly made graphics, and lack of absolutely anything original... well, it speaks for itself. People don't understand what IQ tests actually measure, and you've propagated that.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Nov. 15, 2010
Please allow us to hold down all useful keys and have them execute when next possible. Tapping up repeatedly is annoying. Machine gun efficacy is limited by how fast I can tap. This is sub-optimal!
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Nov. 07, 2010
What on Earth is the "collapse of evolution" supposed to mean?
Play Nuclearoids Nuclearoids Nov. 07, 2010
Why do chain reaction games always come with that awful techo/dance/whatever music? Thanks for the muting option!
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Oct. 13, 2010
I don't like zombie games much. I also don't like driving games much. But I really love this zombie/driving game!
Play Haiku Hero Haiku Hero Sep. 23, 2010
The lecture begun, My teacher drones on and on, Soon I am asleep.
Play Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2 Sep. 08, 2010
Children, come on. If you want to play the whole thing - go to ArmorGames. It isn't difficult to do so. If you don't want to pay for extra stuff, then don't; you can still play a full game without doing so. Quit the whining. Also, please remember that it is ArmorGames who decided to put paid-for material on this game, not Kongregate.
Play Command Grid Command Grid Sep. 05, 2010
Really nice graphics and sound, but the gameplay itself is lacking. The goliath towers should be more expensive, as they can win the game on their own. There should be a speed-up option. Fix some of these and you'll have yourself a clone with some potential.
Play TOUCH TOUCH May. 26, 2010
Interesting take on an old concept, but lacks playability. There is scope for some challenge levels too, e.g. remove all colours in 5 shots, or target only specific colours.
Play Sushi Cat Sushi Cat Mar. 04, 2010
I second DaSnack - Sushi Cat platformer vote :)
Play ImmorTall ImmorTall Feb. 27, 2010
Not very "poignant" at all. Sorry.
Play Starlight Starlight Feb. 21, 2010
Nice relaxing game. Bit easy. I would suggest you lose the automatic identification that we're looking from the right viewpoint, and instead make us click to say we think we have it (with some margin for error presumably).
Play Lateral - The Word Association Game Lateral - The Word Association Game Feb. 17, 2010
I'm starting to wish it wasn't so Americacentric though... I don't know much about the states, or american sporting celebrities, etc. Shall have a look at some user-created ones soon.
Play Lateral - The Word Association Game Lateral - The Word Association Game Feb. 17, 2010
Delightfully challenging! I'm utterly stuck, and loving it