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Penguin Slice

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Feb. 02, 2012

Rating: -1

Works perfectly for me.

Cursed Dungeon

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Nov. 05, 2011

Rating: 1

10 gold for defeating the last boss? Best. Reward. Ever.

Sketch Quest

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Sep. 24, 2011

Rating: 7

Please tel me I'm not the only person that has all-dick weapons

Sports Heads: Football

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Sep. 05, 2011

Rating: -8

Don't you mean soccer?


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Sep. 03, 2011

Rating: 4

Game would be much more enjoyable if the quest item descriptions weren't bible quotes.

Just Trolling

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Aug. 06, 2011

Rating: 5


Developer response from Moshdef


Kick Out Bieber

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Jun. 20, 2011

Rating: 0

152 seconds >.>

Record Tripping

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Jun. 18, 2011

Rating: -2

What if someone doesn't have a scroll wheel >.>

Fly Hard 2

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Jun. 18, 2011

Rating: 0

So I blew up some guns and some docking ports and it cause the planet to explode? Wat