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The Love Letter

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Mar. 11, 2012

Rating: 3

Y u no take hint when i push you!

Detective Grimoire

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Jul. 22, 2011

Rating: 1

needs a sequeal!!!

Adam and Eve

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Jul. 14, 2011

Rating: 0

loved it some of the mechanisms were pretty cool!

kill stuff

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Jul. 12, 2011

Rating: -2

Brilliant Beta has potential... might be stating obvious but leveling and upgradeable armor/weapons would be awesome!

LoZ: A Link to the Furute

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Jul. 04, 2011

Rating: 0

nooooooooooooooo never never!!

Level Up!

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Jun. 29, 2011

Rating: 0

i get a bug that when i click ready my web browser crashes and closes...?

Barnacle Bay

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Jun. 27, 2011

Rating: -1

@krupt4life Win!!!

Fish Decoration

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Jun. 27, 2011

Rating: 0

do not play...


Play Skincraft

Jun. 27, 2011

Rating: 12

the custom feature is amazing too!!


Play Skincraft

Jun. 27, 2011

Rating: 1425

well done with this makes a brilliant minecraft skin with little effort... fully personalised skins 5/5

Flood Runner 3

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Jun. 18, 2011

Rating: 1

12 ingame achievements in one go :D

I Have 1 Day

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Jun. 16, 2011

Rating: 2

one of the best games yet!!

Zombie Trailer Park

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Jun. 08, 2011

Rating: 2

see rednecks are gonna be the only ones to survive a zombie apocalypse

Lovers Dating in Evening Party Dress Up

Play Lovers Dating in Evening Party Dress Up

Jun. 07, 2011

Rating: -3

is it me or could the guy pass for a lesbian?


Play game

Jun. 06, 2011

Rating: 11

couldnt even work out what to do? i dont like saying this but this "game" was really terrible

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

Play Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

Jun. 05, 2011

Rating: 6

speared with an umbrella shot from a mail shooter... nice


Play endeavor

Jun. 01, 2011

Rating: 2

one of the best games i have ever played... i found myself playing it again after i completed it once

Interactive Buddy Online

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May. 21, 2011

Rating: 0

just take this discrace off please

Seal Wizard Knight

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May. 17, 2011

Rating: 5

takes a while to get loaded

Doodle God 2

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May. 16, 2011

Rating: 1

how does a nuke and a demi god make a flower?