Tactical_Noob's Comments

Game Comments
Play The Love Letter The Love Letter Mar. 11, 2012
Y u no take hint when i push you!
Play Detective Grimoire Detective Grimoire Jul. 22, 2011
needs a sequeal!!!
Play Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Jul. 14, 2011
loved it some of the mechanisms were pretty cool!
Play kill stuff kill stuff Jul. 12, 2011
Brilliant Beta has potential... might be stating obvious but leveling and upgradeable armor/weapons would be awesome!
Play LoZ: A Link to the Furute LoZ: A Link to the Furute Jul. 04, 2011
nooooooooooooooo never never!!
Play Level Up! Level Up! Jun. 29, 2011
i get a bug that when i click ready my web browser crashes and closes...?
Play Barnacle Bay Barnacle Bay Jun. 27, 2011
@krupt4life Win!!!
Play Fish Decoration Fish Decoration Jun. 27, 2011
do not play...
Play Skincraft Skincraft Jun. 27, 2011
the custom feature is amazing too!!
Play Skincraft Skincraft Jun. 27, 2011
well done with this makes a brilliant minecraft skin with little effort... fully personalised skins 5/5
Play Flood Runner 3 Flood Runner 3 Jun. 18, 2011
12 ingame achievements in one go :D
Play I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day Jun. 16, 2011
one of the best games yet!!
Play Zombie Trailer Park Zombie Trailer Park Jun. 08, 2011
see rednecks are gonna be the only ones to survive a zombie apocalypse
Play Lovers Dating in Evening Party Dress Up Lovers Dating in Evening Party Dress Up Jun. 07, 2011
is it me or could the guy pass for a lesbian?
Play game game Jun. 06, 2011
couldnt even work out what to do? i dont like saying this but this "game" was really terrible
Play Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Jun. 05, 2011
speared with an umbrella shot from a mail shooter... nice
Play endeavor endeavor Jun. 01, 2011
one of the best games i have ever played... i found myself playing it again after i completed it once
Play Interactive Buddy Online Interactive Buddy Online May. 21, 2011
just take this discrace off please
Play Seal Wizard Knight Seal Wizard Knight May. 17, 2011
takes a while to get loaded
Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 May. 16, 2011
how does a nuke and a demi god make a flower?