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Play VikingLand VikingLand Aug. 17, 2014
Some towers suddenly stop shooting at enemies making it very hard to win a map or to achieve a perfect rating! It's a pity... I hope this will be fixed soon! ;)
Play Dino Assault Dino Assault Feb. 01, 2014
There is a bug on the "Sharpeye Stone" support in the upgrade menu. Purchasing the 1rst level costs 10 apples, and the number of the level appears on its icon. But each time I quit and go back to the upgrade menu, the number on the Sharpeye Stone's icon is gone and this support is back to 0. Moreover, the 10 apples I paid for it are missing in the total apple count. To get all my apples back, I have to reset everything, and then purchase again all the upgrades I need, thus forcing me to repeat this process beetween every battle. This is somewhat annoying, and I rated this game only 3 stars because of this bug. A rebalancing of Level 9 and a speed up button would be nice too. Despite that, it's an overall nice and challenging little game. I managed to reach level 23, but my willingness to finish it is now undermine, I will update my rating if the bug is fixed. Keep the good work! I'm waiting for an update! :)
Play Wild West Town Wild West Town Jun. 11, 2012
Very cute game! My advice: When there is a lot of Buildings or crops to check it takes a long time to hover over everything. If an item could sparkle lightly when it is ready would save a lot of time! ;)