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Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Jul. 29, 2014
Pseudo has put a lot on his plate setting out to make 8 chapters of this. I think we will die of old age before the entire series is finished. That would be sad D:
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 23, 2014
Raze 3 is out on Armor Games. Check it out!
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Jul. 08, 2014
The battles became too easy when I can merely stack the damage reduction abilities, then damage buff stack, and clean up whoever survived. The final boss became anti-climactic because he had no counters to this, like every other enemy except for the swordsman demons, that had an attack that damages a % of health regardless of debuffs.
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Jun. 30, 2014
What I love about this game is that it is one of the few fps games that doesn't emphasize on mobility, and actually rewards being stationary or slow. I've gotten tired of all these fps developers who think that faster pace = better game.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 25, 2014
Some sections of the platforms can't be jumped from. No matter how much I time the jumps, they only work after a certain point. This is making section 3 near impossible, because some of the platforms used to avoid the enemies are inaccessible thanks to this bug.
Play Ballistic Ballistic Jun. 23, 2014
If 90% of the players do nothing but run around with katanas, spam nades or sniping, then something's not right there. The effectiveness of OHK weapons are only dependent of the user's skill, not the skill of the player it's being used against. That is a problem.
Play Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed Jun. 14, 2014
I'm seeing all these newbies with Windreaver. How do I get one?
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jun. 13, 2014
Other empires need to know when to stand up against a common foe :D
Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis May. 28, 2014
I wish Mortars, Baby was on this soundtrack. That was the best song in the actual CW3.
Play Water Knight 2 Water Knight 2 May. 15, 2014
Very buggy
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta May. 04, 2014
You don't need to run background stuff to beat it, I did it the proper way just fine. It just takes persistence that lasts over 5 hours ;)
Play Protector Protector Apr. 21, 2014
OMG every single enemy killed causes the game to freeze for a second
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 16, 2014
Farmers become more and more annoying as you progress, since they are the only time you use the spacebar.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 29, 2014
Lots of updates, nice!
Play Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight Mar. 22, 2014
Hey, any progress on Starfighter: Infinity?
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 13, 2014
Anyone know how to initiate the 11th Combo Chain attack? I've done it, but I don't know what I did to do so
Developer response from kreig13

When the rising wolf begins, dont click anything. Its automatic.

Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 07, 2014
I've waited a long time to find this kind of awesome melee combat.
Play Civ Wars 2 Civ Wars 2 Mar. 06, 2014
That moment when the top comments have negative votes...
Play changeType() changeType() Mar. 01, 2014
must collect the entire level as coins!
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Feb. 21, 2014
It's kindof silly how melee skill is a more important skill for searching than searching skill