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Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 16, 2014
Farmers become more and more annoying as you progress, since they are the only time you use the spacebar.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 29, 2014
Lots of updates, nice!
Play Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight Mar. 22, 2014
Hey, any progress on Starfighter: Infinity?
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 13, 2014
Anyone know how to initiate the 11th Combo Chain attack? I've done it, but I don't know what I did to do so
Developer response from kreig13

When the rising wolf begins, dont click anything. Its automatic.

Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 07, 2014
I've waited a long time to find this kind of awesome melee combat.
Play Civ Wars 2 Civ Wars 2 Mar. 06, 2014
That moment when the top comments have negative votes...
Play changeType() changeType() Mar. 01, 2014
must collect the entire level as coins!
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Feb. 21, 2014
It's kindof silly how melee skill is a more important skill for searching than searching skill
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Feb. 10, 2014
haha, right after the actual game was removed from app stores
Play Space Flash Arena Space Flash Arena Feb. 03, 2014
Holding and then letting go of the acceleration button should keep the ship at its current velocity instead of dropping back down to its "default" speed. It would give the aircraft a more "aircraft" feel and it would make above average speeds less of a balancing act.
Play Frantic Sky Frantic Sky Jan. 24, 2014
Health scaling is a bit steep. It shouldn't be a necessity to max out damage before upgrading anything else.
Play Superfighter Superfighter Jan. 21, 2014
Like how you used the combat mechanics from Barbarian Onslaught to make a great arena fighting game. It's too bad this game didn't get the publicity that it deserves.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Dec. 26, 2013
It felt like It would take forever to do anything after 30 minutes of playing but at least things started to pick up once I unlocked the chocolate bars and rush hour mod. Then upgrading was quick. But still, for the first half of the game, I shouldn't have to rely on achievements just to upgrade anything.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Dec. 25, 2013
good, you fixed most of the issues that there were on the initial version. It was barely playable when it first came out on Armor Games
Play Z-Rox Z-Rox Dec. 24, 2013
Can't beat level 55. I can easily see what the shape is, but I've never seen such a shape ever so I don't know a name for it.
Play Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Dec. 18, 2013
I liked it when you were rewarded if you were conservative with the accellerator. In this game, letting go of the accellerator does nothing for fuel efficiency, at least relative to the rate at which you travel distance.
Play Super Figthers Super Figthers Dec. 13, 2013
guys, realize this game is stolen. the real one is here
Play Superfighter Superfighter Dec. 13, 2013
very underrated
Play Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Dec. 07, 2013
Earn to Die 2012... in 2013
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 01, 2013
The g/s isn't exactly accurate because of the slight delay of finishing an ore and recieving the next one. Also, there's not much point to have an idle value to be less than auto value since it is pretty simple just to leave the game open 24/7